Changes from Version 20 to Version 21

Version 21 of this C++ Class Library has changed from version 20 as follows:

New Data Types



New Functionality






Changed Functionality

LBitmap::BlankPageDetector - Removed 2 parameters.

Changed Data Types

FILEINFO - Takes one new member.

LOADFILEOPTION - Takes one new member.

New Defines

Define Value Description
ANNCALIBRATE_EXISTING [0x0002] Calibrates the hObject Ruler, and calibrates all other rulers and polyrulers in the container to have a matching calibration.
ANNCALIBRATE_NEW [0x0004] Any new ruler and polyruler created through automation will have a matching calibration to hObject Ruler.
ANNCALIBRATE_THIS [0x0001] Calibrates the hObject Ruler to be dCalibrateLength and uCalibrateUnit. All existing and new rulers are unaffected.
ELO2_IGNORE_EMBEDDED_ICC_PROFILE [0x00000020] Ignore the ICC profile embedded in the file (if any) - useful mainly for loading TIFF/JPEG CMYK/LAB files.
ESO2_PDF_LINEARIZED [0x00080000] Linearize the PDF file after save.
FILEINFO_GRAY8_ALPHA [0x00400000] This file contains 8-bit grayscale data + alpha.
FILEINFO_PALETTE8_ALPHA [0x00800000] This file contains 8-bit color palette data + alpha.
FILEINFO_PORTFOLIO [0x01000000] This file is portfolio (such as a PDF with collection schema).
PDF_ENHANCE_THIN_LINES [0x00000004] If set, enhance thin lines (this is the default). If not set, thin lines are not enhanced.
XLS_FLAGS_SHOWGRIDLINES [0x00000040] When set, the sheet's grid lines will be rendered.
AUTOZONE_ICR_ZONING [0x00000080] Detect Handwritten text.

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What's New in Version 21

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