Implementing Annotation Hyperlinks

LEADTOOLS provides several functions that allow you to hyperlink annotations. Annotations may be hyperlinked to run a program, access a Web page, or send a user defined message. Hyperlinks are set using LAnnotation::SetHyperlink. To determine the type of hyperlink associated with an annotation, use LAnnotation::GetHyperlink. This function also provides you with other information about the hyperlink. If a hyperlink runs a program or accesses a Web page, you can retrieve the name of the program, with all required command line parameters, or you can retrieve the URL of the Web page. To retrieve this information you must first call LAnnotation::GetHyperlinkLen to determine the length of the string containing this information and allocate a buffer in which to store the string. When working with automated annotations, LAnnAutomation::SetHyperlinkMenuEnabled lets you enable or disable the displaying of the hyperlink menu item when you click on the right mouse button in design mode. To determine whether the menu item is enabled or disabled, use LAnnAutomation::IsHyperlinkMenuEnabled.

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