typedef struct _tagL_JP2_GML_ELEMENT 
   L_UINT32 uStructSize; 
   L_UINT8 * pLabel; 
   L_SIZE_T uLabelSize; 
   L_UINT8 * pData; 
   L_SIZE_T uDataSize; 

The L_JP2_GML_ELEMENT structure provides information about a single GML data element that has a label and associated XML data.



Size of this structure, in bytes. Use the sizeof operator to calculate this value.


Label string. A textual label associated with an entity. This value is stored as ISO/IEC 10646 characters in UTF-8 encoding. Characters in the ranges U +0000 to U+001F inclusive and U+007F to U+009F inclusive, as well as the specific characters '/', ';', '?', ':', and '#', are not permitted in the label string. Label strings are not null-terminated or padded in any other way.


The size of Label string.


Well-formed XML data as defined in REC-xml-19980210.


The size of XML data.


GML element is attaches a GML data to a single codestream.

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