The following are possible values for the Flags field in the FILEINFO structure:

Constant Meaning
FILEINFO_INTERLACED [0x00000001] Interlaced file
FILEINFO_PROGRESSIVE [0x00000002] Progressive file
FILEINFO_HAS_STAMP [0x00000004] The file includes a stamp image.
FILEINFO_HAS_GLOBALBACKGROUND [0x00000008] The file has a global background color, specified in the GlobalBackground field of the FILEINFO structure.
FILEINFO_HAS_GLOBALPALETTE [0x00000010] The file has a global palette, specified in the GlobalPalette field of the FILEINFO structure.
FILEINFO_HAS_GLOBALLOOP [0x00000020] The GlobalLoop field that determines how many times an animation loops, is valid. If this flag is not set, GlobalLoop field in the FILEINFO structure does not contain valid data.
FILEINFO_COMPRESSED [0x00000040] The file can be loaded as a 1-bit compressed image. For more information, refer to Speeding Up 1-Bit Documents.
FILEINFO_NOPALETTE [0x00000080] The file is a grayscale TIF file, without a palette.
FILEINFO_ROTATED [0x00000100] Image with an extended ViewPerspective
FILEINFO_SIGNED [0x00000200] Image with signed values for pixels
FILEINFO_LOSSLESSJPEG [0x00000400] Internal flag, indicating that the JPEG file uses the lossless compression.
FILEINFO_HAS_ALPHA [0x00000800] The file has alpha channel information.
FILEINFO_FORMATVALID [0x00001000] Only the format type is valid.
FILEINFO_INFOVALID [0x00002000] The entire FILEINFO structure is valid.
FILEINFO_LINK [0x00004000] The file is a Windows 95/NT link.
FILEINFO_IFDVALID [0x00008000] The IFD field is valid.
FILEINFO_NO_RESOLUTION [0x00020000] The file does not contain resolution information.
FILEINFO_BIGTIFF [0x00040000] The file is in BigTIFF format, which allows files to grow over 4GB.
FILEINFO_NAMEVALID [0x00080000] Use FILEINFO.Name to quickly determine the file type. Useful for speeding up loading stream files that do not have an identifiable signature.
FILEINFO_MULTILOADRES_PALETTE [0x00200000] This file has a palette and multiple resolutions (most likely J2K compression).
The lower resolutions might be drastically different than the highest resolution. For example, for J2K files, the low resolutions are grayscale, while the highest resolution could be color.
Therefore, the low resolutions in this file are not a good representation of the high resolution.
FILEINFO_GRAY8_ALPHA [0x00400000] This file contains 8-bit grayscale image data + alpha.
FILEINFO_PALETTE8_ALPHA [0x00800000] This file contains 8-bit color palette image data + alpha.
FILEINFO_PORTFOLIO [0x01000000] This file is a PDF portfolio. A PDF Portfolio can include text documents, e-mail messages, spreadsheets, etc. For more information, refer to PDF Portfolio.
FILEINFO_HAS_BOM [0x02000000] This file has Unicode content identified by a byte-order mark (BOM). If this flag is not set and you are loading a text file, the encoding is indicated by FILETXTOPTIONS.defaultEncoding.
FILEINFO_HAS_ICC [0x04000000] The file contains an embedded ICC profile.
FILEINFO_FLOAT [0x08000000] The image has floating values for pixels. For more information, refer to Working with floating point bitmaps.
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