PNG File Comments

PNG has MMX optimized code for load/save and supports comments as well. The following comments are supported:

Value Meaning
CMNT_SZARTIST [0] Person who created the image.
CMNT_SZCOPYRIGHT [1] Copyright notice.
CMNT_SZDATETIME [2] Date and time (YYYY:MM:DD HH:MM:SS). The field length is 20, counting the NULL terminator.
CMNT_SZDESC [3] Description of the image.
CMNT_SZMAKE [5] Manufacturer of the equipment used to create the image.
CMNT_SZTITLE [175] Title of the image.
CMNT_SZSOFTWARE [9] Name and version of software package used to create the image.
If you are using the nag version of LTKRN, this comment is fixed and cannot be changed.
CMNT_SZDISCLAIMER [176] String containing the disclaimer of the software used to create the image.
CMNT_SZWARNING [177] Warning statement associated with the software that created the image.
CMNT_MISC [178] Miscellaneous information.
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