Return Codes

The following are the possible return values for LEADTOOLS functions. These are the values in the lterr.h (C API ) or L_ERROR.H (C++ Class Library and COM) and LtcWrpEr.h (C++ Class Library) files. The first table lists SUCCESS and FAILURE codes used by various LEADTOOLS functions and the second table lists ERROR codes used by various LEADTOOLS functions.

Code Value Description
SUCCESS_DLG_EXPORTANDEXIT 104 Dialog exits successfully after selecting exit and export option, dialog parameters will have the resulting bitmap allocated.
SUCCESS_DLG_EXIT 103 Dialog exits successfully after selecting exit option from menu or by closing the window.
SUCCESS_DLG_CLOSE 102 Close button was pressed, and the dialog exited successfully.
SUCCESS_DLG_CANCEL 101 Cancel button was pressed, and the dialog exited successfully.
SUCCESS_DLG_OK 100 OK button was pressed, and the dialog exited successfully.
SUCCESS_PARTIAL_FAILURE 8 Function called recursively. A least one call was successful, but some failed.
SUCCESS_IGNORETHISCOPYALL 7 Successful. Ignore this marker but copy all remaining markers.
SUCCESS_IGNOREALLMARKERS 6 Successful. Ignore this marker and all remaining markers.
SUCCESS_IGNOREMARKER 5 Successful. Ignore this marker.
SUCCESS_RETRY 4 Function successful. Retry the failed operation.
SUCCESS_DELETE 3 Function successful. Delete file before quitting.
SUCCESS_ABORT 2 Successful. You can quit now.
ERROR_SANE_CANCELLED SUCCESS_ABORT Successful. You can quit now.
SUCCESS 1 Success.
FAILURE 0 Function not successful.
ERROR_NO_MEMORY -1 Not enough memory available.
ERROR_NO_BITMAP -2 Invalid image.
ERROR_MEMORY_TOO_LOW -3 Not enough memory available.
ERROR_FILE_LSEEK -4 Error seeking to position.
ERROR_FILE_WRITE -5 Error writing file.
ERROR_FILE_GONE -6 File not present - abort.
ERROR_FILE_READ -7 Error reading file.
ERROR_INV_FILENAME -8 Invalid filename specified.
ERROR_FILE_FORMAT -9 Invalid file format.
ERROR_FILENOTFOUND -10 File not found.
ERROR_INV_RANGE -11 Invalid width or height.
ERROR_IMAGE_TYPE -12 Image format recognized, but sub-type not supported.
ERROR_INV_PARAMETER -13 Invalid parameter passed.
ERROR_FILE_OPEN -14 Not able to open file.
ERROR_UNKNOWN_COMP -15 Unknown compression format.
ERROR_FEATURE_NOT_SUPPORTED -16 Feature not supported.
Support for the requested feature is unavailable.
This could be due to:
* The file format does not support this feature.
* The required dll is missing from your system.
* The required file filter dll is disabled in this demo (ex. vector formats).
* Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality.
ERROR_QFACTOR -21 Invalid QFactor specified.
ERROR_OUTPUTTYPE -23 Invalid compression format.
ERROR_BITPERPIXEL -27 Invalid bits per pixel.
ERROR_WINDOWSIZE -28 Invalid window size.
ERROR_NORMAL_ABORT -29 Escape key pressed - or user aborted operation.
ERROR_NOT_INITIALIZED -30 Internal error - call LEAD.
ERROR_CU_BUSY -31 Internal error - call LEAD.
ERROR_INVALID_TABLE_TYPE -32 Internal error - call LEAD.
ERROR_INVALID_BUFFER -34 Internal error - call LEAD.
ERROR_MISSING_TILE_DATA -35 Internal error - call LEAD.
ERROR_INVALID_QVALUE -36 Internal error - call LEAD.
ERROR_INVALIDDATA -37 Internal error - call LEAD.
ERROR_INVALID_COMPONENT_NUM -39 Internal error - call LEAD.
ERROR_INVALID_PIXEL_TYPE -40 Internal error - call LEAD.
ERROR_INVALID_PIXEL_SAMPLING -41 Internal error - call LEAD.
ERROR_INVALID_IMAGE_DIMS -44 Internal error - call LEAD.
ERROR_INVALID_TILE_DIMS -45 Internal error - call LEAD.
ERROR_INVALID_PIX_BUFF_DIMS -46 Internal error - call LEAD.
ERROR_SEGMENT_OVERFLOW -47 Internal error - call LEAD.
ERROR_INVALID_SUBSAMPLING -48 Internal error - call LEAD.
ERROR_INVALID_Q_VIS_TABLE -49 Internal error - call LEAD.
ERROR_INVALID_DC_CODE_TABLE -50 Internal error - call LEAD.
ERROR_INVALID_AC_CODE_TABLE -51 Internal error - call LEAD.
ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_DATA -52 Internal error - call LEAD.
ERROR_MISSING_FUNC_POINTER -53 Internal error - call LEAD.
ERROR_TOO_MANY_DC_CODE_TABLES -54 Internal error - call LEAD.
ERROR_TOO_MANY_AC_CODE_TABLES -55 Internal error - call LEAD.
ERROR_INVALID_SUBIMAGE -56 Internal error - call LEAD.
ERROR_INVALID_ABORTION -57 Internal error - call LEAD.
ERROR_CU_NO_SUPPORT -58 Internal error - call LEAD.
ERROR_CU_FAILURE -59 Internal error - call LEAD.
ERROR_BAD_POINTER -60 Internal error - call LEAD.
ERROR_COMPRESSED_DATA_FAILURE -62 The compressed data is corrupted.
ERROR_NO_STAMP -65 Stamp not found.
ERROR_INTERNAL -74 Internal error.
ERROR_BAD_DECODE_STATE -77 Premature end-of-line code.
ERROR_VERSION_NUMBER -78 Bad version number.
ERROR_TWAIN_BUMMER -80 TWAIN Failure due to unknown causes.
ERROR_TWAIN_LOWMEMORY -81 TWAIN Not enough memory to perform operation.
ERROR_TWAIN_MAXCONNECTIONS -83 TWAIN DS is connected to max possible apps.
ERROR_TWAIN_OPERATIONERROR -84 TWAIN DS or DSM reported error, app shouldn't (no need for your app to report the error).
ERROR_TWAIN_BADPROTOCOL -86 TWAIN Unrecognized MSG DG DAT combination.
ERROR_TWAIN_CANCEL -90 TWAIN Operation was canceled.
ERROR_PANWINDOW_NOT_CREATED -91 PanWindow creation failed.
ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_IMAGES -92 There are not enough images to complete the task.
ERROR_USER_ABORT -100 User has aborted operation.
ERROR_FPX_INVALID_FORMAT_ERROR -101 Invalid FlashPix format.
ERROR_FPX_FILE_WRITE_ERROR -102 Error writing file.
ERROR_FPX_FILE_READ_ERROR -103 Error reading file.
ERROR_FPX_FILE_NOT_FOUND -104 File not found.
ERROR_FPX_COLOR_CONVERSION_ERROR -105 Color conversion error.
ERROR_FPX_SEVER_INIT_ERROR -106 Server initialize error.
ERROR_FPX_LOW_MEMORY_ERROR -107 Not enough memory available.
ERROR_FPX_INVALID_RESOLUTION -110 Invalid resolution.
ERROR_FPX_TOO_MANY_LINES -112 Too many lines.
ERROR_FPX_BAD_COORDINATES -113 Invalid coordinates.
ERROR_FPX_FILE_SYSTEM_FULL -114 File system full.
ERROR_FPX_MISSING_TABLE -115 The table is missing.
ERROR_FPX_NOT_A_VIEW -117 Error view.
ERROR_FPX_VIEW_IS_TRANFORMLESS -118 The view is transformless.
ERROR_FPX_ERROR -119 General error.
ERROR_FPX_UNIMPLEMENTED_FUNCTION -120 Unimplemented function.
ERROR_FPX_INVALID_IMAGE_DESC -121 Invalid image description.
ERROR_FPX_INVALID_JPEG_TABLE -122 Invalid jpeg table.
ERROR_FPX_ILLEGAL_JPEG_ID -123 Illegal jpeg identifier.
ERROR_FPX_MEMORY_ALLOCATION_FAILED -124 Memory allocation failed.
ERROR_FPX_NO_MEMORY_MANAGEMENT -125 No memory management.
ERROR_FPX_OBJECT_CREATION_FAILED -126 Object creation failed.
ERROR_FPX_EXTENSION_FAILED -127 Extension_failed.
ERROR_FPX_FREE_NULL_PTR -128 Free null pointer.
ERROR_FPX_INVALID_TILE -129 Invalid tile.
ERROR_FPX_FILE_IN_USE -130 File in use.
ERROR_FPX_FILE_CREATE_ERROR -131 Error creating file.
ERROR_FPX_USER_ABORT -133 User abort.
ERROR_BAD_TAG -140 Bad TIFF tag.
ERROR_INVALID_STAMP_SIZE -141 Stamp size is too big or invalid bits per pixel, etc.
ERROR_BAD_STAMP -142 Stamp is present but data is corrupted.
ERROR_DOCUMENT_NOT_ENABLED -143 Document capability is required to use this function
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality.
Contact LEAD.
ERROR_IMAGE_EMPTY -144 Image is empty.
ERROR_NO_CHANGE -145 The image has not changed.
ERROR_LZW_LOCKED -146 The LZW capabilities are locked
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality.
Contact LEAD.
ERROR_FPXEXTENSIONS_LOCKED -147 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_ANN_LOCKED -148 One or more annotation objects are still locked.
ERROR_EXCEPTION -149 An unspecified exception occurred - could be memory access violations.
ERROR_DLG_FAILED -150 An error occurred during creation of the common dialog.
ERROR_DLG_ALREADYINITIATED -151 You have already initialized the dialogs.
ERROR_DLG_NOTINITIATED -152 You did not initialize the dialogs.
ERROR_DLG_COLORNOTINITIALIZED -153 You did not initialize the dialogs with DLG_INIT_COLOR.
ERROR_DLG_COLORDLL_UNABLETOLOAD -154 The dialogs could not load ltclrU.DLL.
ERROR_DLG_RESDLL_UNABLETOLOAD -155 The dialogs could not load the LTDLGRES dll.
ERROR_LTANN_NOT_LOADED -202 Annotation DLL not loaded.
ERROR_NO_VIDEO_MODULE -258 No video module present on machine.
ERROR_INV_HANDLE -261 Invalid handle.
ERROR_HOST_RESOLVE -270 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_CANT_INITIALIZE -271 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_NO_CONNECTION -272 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_HOST_NOT_FOUND -273 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_NOT_SERVER -274 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_NO_CONNECTIONS -275 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_CONNECT_REFUSED -276 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_IS_CONNECTED -277 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_NET_UNREACH -278 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_TIME_OUT -279 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_NET_DOWN -280 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_NO_BUFFERS -281 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_NO_FILE_DESCR -282 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_DATA_QUEUED -283 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_UNKNOWN -284 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_CONNECT_RESET -285 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_TRANSFER_ABORTED -286 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_DSHOW_FAILURE -287 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_REGISTRY_READ -288 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL -290 The buffer size is too small.
ERROR_DISK_ISFULL -295 Not enough disk space.
ERROR_DXF_FILTER_MISSING -309 The lfDxfU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_PAGE_NOT_FOUND -310 Page not found.
ERROR_DELETE_LAST_PAGE -311 You cannot delete a page from a file containing only one page.
ERROR_CAPTURE_CANNOT_CREATE_HOTKEY_WINDOW -313 Error creating the hotkey window.
ERROR_MEDICAL_NOT_ENABLED -314 Medical capability is required to use this function
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality.
Contact LEAD.
ERROR_JBIG_NOT_ENABLED -315 JBIG capability is required to use this function
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality.
Contact LEAD.
ERROR_UNDO_STACK_EMPTY -316 Undo stack is empty - too many undos.
ERROR_NO_TOOLBAR -317 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_MEDICAL_NET_NOT_ENABLED -318 Medical Network capability is required to use this function
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality.
Contact LEAD.
ERROR_JBIG_FILTER_MISSING -319 The lfJbgU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_CAPTURE_STILL_IN_PROCESS -320 Capture is still in progress.
ERROR_CAPTURE_INVALID_DELAY -321 Invalid delay specified.
ERROR_CAPTURE_INVALID_COUNT -322 Invalid capture count specified.
ERROR_CAPTURE_INVALID_INTERVAL -323 Invalid interval specified.
ERROR_CAPTURE_HOTKEY_CONFLICTS_WITH_CANCELKEY -324 Hotkey conflicts with cancel key.
ERROR_CAPTURE_INVALID_AREA_TYPE -325 Invalid Area Type specified.
ERROR_CAPTURE_NO_OPTION_STRUCTURE -326 Invalid or missing options structure.
ERROR_CAPTURE_INVALID_INFOWND_POS -329 Invalid info window position.
ERROR_CAPTURE_INVALID_INFOWND_SIZE -330 Invalid info window size.
ERROR_CAPTURE_ZERO_AREA_SIZE -331 Zero Area Size for capture.
ERROR_CAPTURE_FILE_ACCESS_FAILED -332 The specified filename could not be read.
ERROR_CAPTURE_INVALID_32BIT_EXE_OR_DLL -333 The specified filename is not a valid 32bit EXE/DLL.
ERROR_CAPTURE_INVALID_RESOURCE_INDEX -335 The index resource is out of range.
ERROR_CAPTURE_NO_ACTIVE_WINDOW -336 No active window for capture.
ERROR_CAPTURE_CANNOT_CAPTURE_WINDOW -337 Could not capture the window.
ERROR_CAPTURE_DELAY_LESS_THAN_ZERO -339 Delay value cannot be less than zero.
ERROR_CAPTURE_NO_MENU -340 No menu to capture.
ERROR_WMF_FILTER_MISSING -349 The lfWmfU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_BROWSE_FAILED -350 Browse creation failed.
ERROR_NOTHING_TO_DO -351 There is nothing to do. No items were found.
ERROR_LTVKRN_MISSING -353 The ltvkrnU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_CMW_LOCKED -354 The CMW support is locked
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality.
Contact LEAD.
ERROR_CMW_FILTER_MISSING -355 The lfCmwU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_CMP_FILTER_MISSING -356 The lfCmpU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_FAX_FILTER_MISSING -357 The lfFaxU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_PDF_FILTER_MISSING -358 The ltpdfU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_TIF_FILTER_MISSING -359 The lfTifU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_VECTOR_NOT_ENABLED -400 Vector capability is required to use this function.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_VECTOR_DXF_NOT_ENABLED -401 Vector DXF capability is required to use this function.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_VECTOR_DWG_NOT_ENABLED -402 Vector DWG capability is required to use this function.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_VECTOR_MISC_NOT_ENABLED -403 Vector Misc capability is required to use this function.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_TAG_MISSING -404 Tag not found.
ERROR_VECTOR_DWF_NOT_ENABLED -405 Vector DWF capability is required to use this function.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_NO_UNDO_STACK -406 There is no undo stack.
ERROR_UNDO_DISABLED -407 The undo is disabled.
ERROR_PDF_NOT_ENABLED -408 PDF support is locked
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality.
Contact LEAD.
ERROR_BARCODE_DIGIT_CHECK -410 Invalid error check digit.
ERROR_BARCODE_INVALID_TYPE -411 Invalid barcode type.
ERROR_BARCODE_TEXTOUT -412 Invalid barcode text out option.
ERROR_BARCODE_WIDTH -413 Invalid barcode width.
ERROR_BARCODE_HEIGHT -414 Invalid barcode height.
ERROR_BARCODE_TOSMALL -415 Barcode string is too small.
ERROR_BARCODE_STRING -416 Invalid barcode string for a specified barcode type.
ERROR_BARCODE_NOTFOUND -417 No barcode recognition.
ERROR_BARCODE_UNITS -418 Invalid barcode measurement unit.
ERROR_BARCODE_MULTIPLEMAXCOUNT -419 Invalid multiple max count.
ERROR_BARCODE_GROUP -420 Invalid barcode group.
ERROR_BARCODE_LAST_DUPLICATED -423 Reached the last duplicated barcode.
ERROR_BARCODE_STRING_LENGTH -424 Invalid barcode data string length.
ERROR_BARCODE_LOCATION -425 Invalid barcode area location.
ERROR_BARCODE_1D_LOCKED -426 Barcode 1D is locked.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_BARCODE_2D_READ_LOCKED -427 Barcode Read 2D (CodeOne) is locked.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_BARCODE_2D_WRITE_LOCKED -428 Barcode Write 2D (CodeOne) is locked.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_BARCODE_PDF_READ_LOCKED -429 Barcode Read PDF is locked.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_BARCODE_PDF_WRITE_LOCKED -430 Barcode Write PDF is locked.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_BARCODE_FOUNDCORRUPT -431 Barcode PDF417 symbol is found but cannot read successfully.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_BARCODE_DATAMATRIX_READ_LOCKED -432 Barcode Read DataMatrix is locked.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_BARCODE_DATAMATRIX_WRITE_LOCKED -433 Barcode Write DataMatrix is locked.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_VECTOR_IS_LOCKED -500 Vector handle is locked.
ERROR_VECTOR_IS_EMPTY -501 Vector is empty.
ERROR_VECTOR_LAYER_NOT_FOUND -502 Layer is not found.
ERROR_VECTOR_LAYER_IS_LOCKED -503 Layer is locked.
ERROR_VECTOR_LAYER_ALREADY_EXISTS -504 Layer already exists.
ERROR_VECTOR_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND -505 Object is not found.
ERROR_VECTOR_INVALID_OBJECT_TYPE -506 Invalid object type.
ERROR_VECTOR_PEN_NOT_FOUND -507 Pen is not found.
ERROR_VECTOR_BRUSH_NOT_FOUND -508 Brush is not found.
ERROR_VECTOR_FONT_NOT_FOUND -509 Font is not found.
ERROR_VECTOR_BITMAP_NOT_FOUND -510 Bitmap is not found.
ERROR_VECTOR_POINT_NOT_FOUND -511 Point is not found.
ERROR_VECTOR_ENGINE_NOT_FOUND -512 Vector engine not found.
ERROR_VECTOR_INVALID_ENGINE -513 Invalid vector engine.
ERROR_VECTOR_CLIPBOARD -514 Clipboard error.
ERROR_VECTOR_CLIPBOARD_IS_EMPTY -515 Clipboard is empty.
ERROR_VECTOR_CANT_ADD_TEXT -516 Cannot add text.
ERROR_VECTOR_GROUP_NOT_FOUND -518 Group is not found.
ERROR_VECTOR_GROUP_ALREADY_EXISTS -519 Group already exists.
ERROR_NO_THUMBNAIL -520 Thumbnail not found.
ERROR_JP2_FAILURE -530 Error in JP2 Box values.
ERROR_JP2_SIGNATURE -531 The header does not match the JP2 signature - not a JP2 file.
ERROR_JP2_UNSUPPORTED -532 JP2 file has a feature that is unsupported.
ERROR_J2K_FAILURE -533 Invalid save options were specified to the encoder.
ERROR_J2K_NO_SOC -534 File header does not contain SOC marker.
ERROR_J2K_NO_SOT -535 File contains complete header but no compressed image data.
ERROR_J2K_INFORMATION_SET -536 Invalid save options were specified or file includes invalid encoded values.
ERROR_J2K_LOW_TARGET_SIZE -537 Compression ratio, target file size, or tile size was too small for encoder.
ERROR_J2K_DECOMPOSITION_LEVEL -538 Specified Wavelet decomposition level was too high.
ERROR_J2K_MARKER_VALUE -539 Decoder could not translate J2K marker - file is corrupt or invalid.
ERROR_J2K_UNSUPPORTED -540 J2K file has image with more than 30 bits per component.
ERROR_J2K_FILTER_MISSING -541 The lfJ2kU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_J2K_LOCKED -542 J2K support is locked
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality.
Contact LEAD.
ERROR_TWAIN_NOT_INITIALIZED -562 TWAIN is not initialized.
ERROR_TWAIN_END_OF_LIST -565 End of list.
ERROR_TWAIN_CAP_NOT_SUPPORTED -566 Cap is not supported.
ERROR_TWAIN_SOURCE_NOT_OPEN -567 Source is not open.
ERROR_TWAIN_CAPS_NEG_NOT_ENDED -570 Caps neg not ended.
ERROR_TWAIN_INV_HANDLE -572 Invalid handle.
ERROR_TWAIN_WRITE_TO_FILE -573 Write to file.
ERROR_TWAIN_INV_VERSION_NUM -574 Invalid version number.
ERROR_TWAIN_READ_FROM_FILE -575 Read from file.
ERROR_TWAIN_NOT_VALID_FILE -576 File is not valid.
ERROR_TWAIN_INV_ACCESS_RIGHT -577 Invalid access right.
ERROR_TWAIN_CHECKDEVICEONLINE -586 Check device is on line.
ERROR_TWAIN_CAPBADOPERATION -588 Operation not supported by capability.
ERROR_TWAIN_CAPSEQERROR -589 Has dependency on other capability.
ERROR_PAINT_INTERNAL -600 Internal error (Call LEAD).
ERROR_PAINT_INV_DATA -601 Internal error (Call LEAD).
ERROR_PAINT_NO_RESOURCES -602 Internal error (Call LEAD).
ERROR_PAINT_NOT_ENABLED -603 DigitalPaint capability is required to use this function.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_CONTAINER_NO_RESOURCES -632 No resources available.
ERROR_TOOLBAR_NO_RESOURCES -660 No resources available.
ERROR_TOOLBAR_INV_STATE -661 Invalid state.
ERROR_TOOLBAR_INV_HANDLE -662 Invalid handle.
ERROR_PDF_FILE_ENCRYPTED -721 The Pdf file is encrypted and the Password was not set (no password).
ERROR_PDF_INVALID_PASSWORD -722 Invalid password specified.
ERROR_PDF_FAX_NOT_ENABLED -723 FAX filter is required for this function.
ERROR_PDF_JPEG_NOT_ENABLED -724 CMP and JPEG filter is required for this function.
ERROR_PDF_INV_DOC_STRUCTURING_COMMENTS -725 Invalid Document Structuring comments (PS and EPS).
ERROR_PDF_FONTS_DIRECTORY_NOT_FOUND -726 Could not find Fonts directory.
ERROR_PDF_CANNOT_EDIT_FILE -727 Cannot insert, delete, append or replace pages.
ERROR_PDF_BAD_CONTENT -728 File is corrupted.
ERROR_PDF_BAD_INITIALIZATION_FILES -729 Either the files required for initializing the PDF engine were not found or they were found but they are incorrect.
ERROR_SVG_FILE_SIZE_READ -770 SVG File size read error.
ERROR_SVG_ROOT_NOT_FOUND -771 Root element of XML data is not found or not SVG.
ERROR_SVG_INV_ELEMENT -773 Invalid SVG element in the XML data.
ERROR_SVG_DUPLICATED_ATTRIBUTE -774 Duplicated SVG attribute in the XML data.
ERROR_SVG_INV_ATTRIBUTE -775 Invalid SVG attribute in the XML data.
ERROR_SVG_INV_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE -776 Invalid SVG attribute value in the XML data.
ERROR_SVG_BAD_CSS_PROPERTY -777 Bad SVG CSS property in the XML data.
ERROR_SVG_MISSING_REQUIRED_ATTRIBUTE -778 Missing required SVG attribute in the XML data.
ERROR_SVG_DUPLICATED_ID -779 Duplicated SVG element ID in the XML data.
ERROR_SVG_INV_COORDINATES_NUMBER -780 Invalid SVG coordinates number in the XML data.
ERROR_SVG_INV_STRING_COMMA -781 Invalid SVG string comma.
ERROR_SVG_ATTRIBUTE_NOT_FOUND -782 SVG Attribute not found in the XML data.
ERROR_SVG_FILE_NOT_FLAT -783 This functionality requires a flat SVG document.
ERROR_INVALID_FORMAT -785 Invalid format.
ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_METHOD -786 Method not supported.
ERROR_OPENING_PROFILE -787 Error opening profile.
ERROR_INVALID_COLOR_PROFILE -788 Invalid color profile.
ERROR_INVALID_STRUCT_SIZE -789 The structure size is invalid.
ERROR_U_V_NOT_MULTIPLES -791 U and V are not multiples.
ERROR_NO_NONPLANAR_VERTICAL_SUBSAMPLING_SUPPORTED -792 Non planar vertical sub sampling not supported.
ERROR_PLANAR_ALIGNMENT_NOT_SUPPORTED -793 Planar alignment not supported.
ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_CONVERSION -794 Unsupported conversion.
ERROR_TRUNCATE_HEIGHT -795 Truncate height.
ERROR_TRUNCATE_WIDTH -796 Truncate width.
ERROR_TRUNCATE_WIDTH_AND_HEIGHT -797 Truncate width and height.
ERROR_LAYER_MISSING -800 The PSD Layer is missing.
ERROR_BAD_MARKER -801 Bad JPEG marker.
ERROR_AUDIO_MISSING -802 The audio data is not present.
ERROR_DICOM_NOT_ENABLED -803 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_FILE_READONLY -805 File/stream is read-only. Cannot open file/stream with write access.
ERROR_BAD_RESYNC_MARKER -806 Bad JPEG Resync marker.
ERROR_LTCLR_MISSING -807 The ltclrU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_MARKER_SIZE_TOO_BIG -808 The size of the JPEG marker cannot exceed 64K.
ERROR_MARKER_MISSING -809 The required JPEG marker is missing.
ERROR_EXTENSIONS_MISSING -810 This file does not contain EXIF extensions.
ERROR_MARKER_INDEX -811 The marker index is invalid (too big).
ERROR_NO_PROFILE -812 The ICC profile was not found.
ERROR_DECODING_PROFILE -813 An error has occurred while decoding the profile.
ERROR_NULL_PTR -814 A NULL pointer was passed.
ERROR_NO_OVERLAY -815 The overlay does not exist.
ERROR_OVERLAY_INDEX -816 Something is wrong with the overlay index.
ERROR_CORRUPT_PROFILE -817 The ICC profile was invalid.
ERROR_LTSGM_MISSING -818 The ltsgmU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_DCR_FILTER_MISSING -819 The lfDcrU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_KDC_FILTER_MISSING -820 The lfKdcU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_DCS_FILTER_MISSING -821 The lfDcsU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_ABI_FILTER_MISSING -823 The lfAbiU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_JB2_FILTER_MISSING -824 The lfJb2U.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_PNG_FILTER_MISSING -825 The lfPngU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_LTCLR_DLL_NOTLOADED -900 Failed to load ltclrU.DLL.
ERROR_LTDLG_COLOR_NOTINITIALIZE -902 You must initialize LTDLG using L_DlgInit.
ERROR_IMAGE_SIZE -910 Image size not sufficient.
ERROR_NO_MESSAGE -911 There is no message.
ERROR_INV_PASSWORD -912 Invalid password.
ERROR_TIFF_COMMAND_NOT_ALLOWED -913 The specified TIFF command is not allowed.
ERROR_DELETE_TIFF_FILE_NOT_ALLOWED -916 Not allowed to delete the TIFF file.
ERROR_COMPACT_ABORTED -917 The compact function finished without copying all the pages.
ERROR_INV_COLORSPACE -918 Invalid colorspace.
ERROR_LTPRO_NOT_ENABLED -930 LEADTOOLS Pro Features are not enabled
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality.
Contact LEAD.
ERROR_OPT_ABORT -1100 Abort the optimization operation.
ERROR_OPT_SKIPIMAGE -1101 Skip optimizing current image.
ERROR_OPT_INVALID_INPUT_PATH -1102 Invalid input path.
ERROR_OPT_INVALID_OUTPUT_PATH -1103 Invalid output path.
ERROR_OPT_CANNOT_CREATE_OUTPUTPATH -1104 Cannot Create Output Directory.
ERROR_ICC_UNKNOWN_TAG -1150 Unknown ICC profile Tag.
ERROR_ICC_UNKNOWN_TYPE -1151 Unknown ICC profile Type.
ERROR_ICC_UNKNOWN_TAG_AND_TYPE -1152 Unknown ICC profile Tag and Type.
ERROR_INVALID_ICC_PROFILE -1153 Invalid ICC profile.
ERROR_DOC_DLL_NOT_LOADED -1200 ScanSoft DLLs are not loaded.
ERROR_DOC_INV_PAGE_INDEX -1201 Specified index is not correct.
ERROR_DOC_INV_FILLMETHOD -1202 Invalid fill method.
ERROR_DOC_INV_RECOG_MODULE -1203 Invalid recognition module.
ERROR_DOC_INV_CHAR_FILTER -1204 Invalid character filter.
ERROR_DOC_INV_ZONE_TYPE -1205 Invalid zone type.
ERROR_DOC_INV_LANGID -1206 Invalid language Id.
ERROR_DOC_INV_SPELL_LANGUAGE -1207 Invalid spell language.
ERROR_DOC_INV_SECTION_ENUMERATION -1208 Invalid enumeration section.
ERROR_DOC_INV_PAGE_COUNT -1209 Invalid page count.
ERROR_DOC_ILLEGAL_CODE -1210 Illegal internal code as a parameter.
ERROR_DOC_INV_PARAMETER -1211 Set parameter is not acceptable.
ERROR_DOC_END_LIST_CODE_PAGES -1212 End of list of the available Code Pages.
ERROR_DOC_LOAD_CODE_PAGE_FILE -1213 Error while loading the Code Page Definition file.
ERROR_DOC_INV_BUFFER_SIZE -1214 The length of the exported code exceeds the buffer size.
ERROR_DOC_INV_CHARACTER_CONVERSION -1215 Character conversion is not available for the given character.
ERROR_DOC_INV_CHARACTER_LANGUAGE -1216 Conflict: The selected Code Page does not support some characters in the selected languages. There is no exact code in the Code Page for them.
ERROR_DOC_INITIALIZE_CODE_PAGE -1217 Character Set and Code Pages module initialization error.
ERROR_DOC_INITIALIZE_ENGINE -1218 OCR engine initialization error, or there is no appropriate license.
ERROR_DOC_TERMINATE_ENGINE -1219 OCR engine termination error.
ERROR_DOC_INITIALIZE_WARNING -1220 Module initialization warning.
ERROR_DOC_PROCESS_USER_ABORT -1221 Application has aborted the current process.
ERROR_DOC_FINISH_PROCESS -1222 Application has terminated the current recognition process without losing the recognized text.
ERROR_DOC_MODULE_MISSING -1223 Module is not present.
ERROR_DOC_MODULE_LOAD -1224 OS could not load a module.
ERROR_DOC_MODULE_MISSING_ENTRY -1225 Missing entry in a module.
ERROR_DOC_MODULE_INVALID -1226 Invalid module.
ERROR_DOC_MODULE_INITIALIZE -1227 Module initialization error.
ERROR_DOC_FEATURE_NOT_SUPPORTED -1228 The requested function is not available, or there is no appropriate license.
ERROR_DOC_GENERAL -1229 General error in the engine.
ERROR_DOC_GPF -1230 General Protection Fault in the engine.
ERROR_DOC_NOT_SUPPORT_OS -1231 Not supported operational system.
ERROR_DOC_INV_SETTING_FILE -1232 Syntax error in the specified engine Settings file.
ERROR_DOC_INV_SETTING -1233 Invalid setting.
ERROR_DOC_ENGINE_BUSY -1234 The engine is busy.
ERROR_DOC_RECOGNITION_TIME_OUT -1235 Recognition process Time Out.
ERROR_DOC_INV_IMAGE_MODULE_SETTING -1236 Internal error in image module.
ERROR_DOC_NO_MEMORY -1237 Not enough memory during image processing.
ERROR_DOC_INV_IMAGE_DIMENSIONS -1238 Invalid rectangle dimensions.
ERROR_DOC_INV_IMAGE_RESOLUTION -1239 Non-supported resolution.
ERROR_DOC_CANNOT_COMPRESS_IMAGE -1240 Cannot process compressed image.
ERROR_DOC_BAD_BITMAP -1241 Invalid bitmap address.
ERROR_DOC_NOT_SUPPORT_BPP -1242 Unsupported BitsPerPixel value.
ERROR_DOC_INV_IMAGE_MODULE -1243 Internal error in image module.
ERROR_DOC_INV_IMAGE_HANDLE -1244 Invalid image handle.
ERROR_DOC_BUFFER_OVERFLOW -1245 Buffer overflow during processing the image.
ERROR_DOC_ACCESS_DENIED -1246 Image operation denied.
ERROR_DOC_NO_MORE_LINES -1247 No more lines in defined image area.
ERROR_DOC_BAD_IMAGE_SIZE -1248 Non-supported image size.
ERROR_DOC_BAD_ENGINE_MANAGER_MODULE -1249 Engine manager module error.
ERROR_DOC_NO_RECOGNIZED_TEXT_AVAILABLE -1250 No recognized text available, either because the zone is empty or the required recognition module has not been initialized properly.
ERROR_DOC_NO_SELECTED_RECOGNITION_MODULE -1251 There is no selected recognition module.
ERROR_DOC_NO_ZONE -1252 There is no zone in the zone list.
ERROR_DOC_INV_ZONE_INDEX -1253 Invalid zone index.
ERROR_DOC_INV_ZONE_COORDINATES -1254 Invalid zone coordinates.
ERROR_DOC_MOR_INITIALIZE_MODULE -1255 MOR recognition module initialization error.
ERROR_DOC_MOR_BASE_FILE_NOT_FOUND -1256 MOR recognition module's knowledge base file not found.
ERROR_DOC_MOR_BASE_FILE_CORRUPTED -1257 MOR recognition module's knowledge base file corrupted.
ERROR_DOC_MOR_BASE_FILE_VERSION -1258 Incorrect knowledge base file version.
ERROR_DOC_MOR_IMAGE_SIZE -1259 Size of image is too large.
ERROR_DOC_MOR_FILE_CORRUPTED -1260 File is corrupted.
ERROR_DOC_MOR_BAD_RECOG_MODULE -1261 Internal error in the MOR recognition module.
ERROR_DOC_MOR_GPF_MODULE -1262 General Protection Fault in the MOR recognition module.
ERROR_DOC_DOT_RECOGNITION -1263 Dot-matrix recognition error.
ERROR_DOC_OMR_CHECKMARK_RECOGNITION -1264 Checkmark recognition error.
ERROR_DOC_HNR_BASE_FILE__CORRUPTED -1265 HNR module's knowledge base file is corrupted.
ERROR_DOC_HNR_PARAM_OUT_RANGE -1266 Parameter is out of valid range.
ERROR_DOC_RER_MODULE -1267 Internal error in the RER module.
ERROR_DOC_RER_BASE_FILE_NOT_FOUND -1268 RER module's knowledge base file not found.
ERROR_DOC_RER_CHAR_SET_EMPTY -1269 Character Set is empty for the RER module.
ERROR_DOC_RER_CHAR_SET_NOT_SUPPORTED -1270 The specified Character Set not fully supported by the RER recognition module.
ERROR_DOC_RER_MODULE_NOT_FOUND -1271 RER specific file not found.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_NO_MEMORY -1272 Not enough memory for the SPL module.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_UNINITIALIZED -1273 Uninitialized spell object.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_FILE_OPEN -1274 Spell file open error.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_FILE_READ -1275 Spell file read error.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_USER_DICTIONARY_WRITE -1276 User dictionary write error.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_INV_FILE_FORMAT -1277 Invalid file format.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_INITIALIZE_MODULE -1278 Module initialization error.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_USER_DICTIONARY_CLOSE -1279 User dictionary close error.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_ILLEGAL_LANGUAGE_SETTING -1280 Illegal language setting.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_NO_MORE_ITEMS -1281 No more suggestions/items available.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_CHECK_ERROR -1282 Internal checking error.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_ITEM_ALREADY_EXIST -1283 Item already exists in the User dictionary.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_ITEM_NOT_EXIST -1284 Item does not exist in the User dictionary.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_ITEM_NOT_INSERTED -1285 Item was not inserted into the User dictionary.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_SECTION_NOT_EXIST -1286 Section does not exist in the User dictionary.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_BAD_SYNTEX -1287 Regular expression syntax error.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_NOT_INITIALIZED -1288 Output format conversion subsystem was not initialized.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_CONVERT_NOT_EXIST -1289 No more converters available.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_CONVERT_DLL_NOT_EXIST -1290 There is no converter DLL file.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_BAD_PARAMETER -1291 Wrong parameter or parameter not found.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_FILE_CORRUPTED -1292 TMP file is corrupted.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_CREATE_FILE -1294 Cannot create TMP file.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_SEEK_FILE -1295 Cannot seek in TMP file.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_READ_FILE -1296 TMP file read error.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_WRITE_FILE -1297 TMP file write error.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_CLOSE_FILE -1298 Cannot close TMP file.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_LOAD_DLL -1299 Cannot load the DLL file.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_END_OF_FILE -1300 Internal error in ATMTXT module. (End-Of-File detected).
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_NO_MEMORY -1301 Not enough memory for ATMTXT/TMP module.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_IMAGE_NOT_AVAILABLE -1302 Image is not available for inserting into the output.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_NOT_REGISTER_INFO_ITEM -1303 Not enough memory to register an info item.
ERROR_DOC_TXT_FILE_OPEN -1304 Output file open error.
ERROR_DOC_TXT_FILE_READ -1305 Output file read error.
ERROR_DOC_TXT_FILE_NOT_FOUND -1306 Output file not found.
ERROR_DOC_TXT_FILE_WRITE -1307 Output file write error.
ERROR_DOC_TXT_INV_COMMAND_SEQUENCE -1308 Invalid command sequence in the ICF file.
ERROR_DOC_TXT_CREATE_FILE -1309 Cannot create the output file.
ERROR_DOC_TXT_NO_MEMORY -1310 Not enough memory for ATMTXT/TXT module.
ERROR_DOC_TXT_INV_DOCUMENT -1311 Invalid document type.
ERROR_DOC_TXT_FILE_TOO_LARGE -1312 File too large.
ERROR_DOC_TXT_WARNING_OUTPUT_FILE -1313 There was a WARNING during the output file conversion.
ERROR_DOC_TXT_ILLEGAL_OPTION -1315 Illegal option specified.
ERROR_DOC_TXT_ENCRYPTED_SOURCE -1316 Encrypted source.
ERROR_DOC_TXT_SEEK_ERROR -1317 Output file seek error.
ERROR_DOC_BRAILLE_BAD_INITIALIZATION -1318 Braille recognition module initialization error.
ERROR_DOC_MATRIX_BAD_INITIALIZATION -1319 Matrix matching recognition module initialization error.
ERROR_DOC_MTX_BAD_INITIALIZATION -1320 M/TEXT recognition module initialization error.
ERROR_DOC_NON_IMPLEMENTED_FEATURE -1321 Non-implemented feature.
ERROR_DOC_NOT_FOUND_ZONE -1322 Couldn't find specific zone.
ERROR_DOC_NO_SELECTED_ZONE -1323 No available selected zone.
ERROR_DOC_EXPORT_PAGE -1324 Cannot export the specified page.
ERROR_DOC_LOCK_PAGE -1325 Cannot lock the specified page.
ERROR_DOC_ACTIVE_PAGE -1326 Cannot set the specified page to be activated.
ERROR_DOC_LOCKED -1327 The OCR document engine is locked.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_PDF_LOCKED -1328 Output PDF engine is locked.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_DOC_OMR_LOCKED -1329 OMR Options are locked.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_DOC_ICR_LOCKED -1330 ICR Options are locked.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_DOC_TOO_MANY_REGION -1332 Too many regions result when layout analysis.
ERROR_DOC_NO_HORIZONTAL_BOUNDARY -1333 Top or bottom horizontal line not found.
ERROR_DOC_SLOPE_LINE_TOO_LARGE -1334 The slope of the line is too large.
ERROR_DOC_FRAME_NOT_DETECTED -1335 Frame has not been detected, cannot add virtual line.
ERROR_DOC_TOO_MANY_LINES -1336 Too many lines.
ERROR_DOC_TOO_MANY_PAGES -1337 Too many pages in batch processing list.
ERROR_DOC_NO_TABLE -1338 This region is not a table region.
ERROR_DOC_INVALID_TABLE_DATA -1339 This region is a table region but contains no data.
ERROR_DOC_INVALID_FRAME_LINE -1340 This line is not valid (neither horizontal nor vertical or type match).
ERROR_DOC_TOO_LARGE_ANGLE -1341 Angle is too large, cannot rotate image.
ERROR_DOC_ORIENT -1342 Unable to determine orientation.
ERROR_DOC_INV_RDF_FILENAME -1343 Invalid RDF file name.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_DOC_ICR_MISSING -1346 ICR Module is missing.
ERROR_DOC_OMR_MISSING -1347 OMR Module is missing.
ERROR_DOC_LANGUAGE_MISSING -1348 Languages files are missing.
ERROR_INV_FILTERNAME -1353 Invalid filter name.
ERROR_DOC2_DOTNET30_OR_LATER_MISSING -1354 .NET Framework v3.0 or later is required.
ERROR_SIGNED_DATA_NOT_SUPPORTED -1360 Signed image data not supported.
ERROR_JBIG2_LOCKED -1362 JBIG2 file format is locked
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality.
Contact LEAD.
ERROR_NITF_LOCKED -1363 NITF support is locked
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality.
Contact LEAD.
ERROR_GRAY32_UNSUPPORTED -1364 32-bit grayscale bitmaps are not supported.
ERROR_CANNOT_INCREASE_IFD_SIZE -1365 Cannot add tags to a IFD selected using SAVEFILEOPTION.IFD.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_BARCODE_MAXI_READ_LOCKED -1372 Barcode Read MAXI is locked.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_BARCODE_MAXI_WRITE_LOCKED -1373 Barcode Write MAXI is locked.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_BARCODE_QR_READ_LOCKED -1380 Barcode Read QR is locked.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_BARCODE_QR_WRITE_LOCKED -1381 Barcode Write QR is locked.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_BARCODE_DLL_NOT_FOUND -1382 Barcode Engine DLL not found.
ERROR_WIA_GENERAL_ERROR -1450 An unknown error has occurred with the Microsoft Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) device.
ERROR_WIA_PAPER_JAM -1451 Paper is jammed in the document feeder.
ERROR_WIA_PAPER_EMPTY -1452 The user requested a scan and there are no documents left in the document feeder.
ERROR_WIA_PAPER_PROBLEM -1453 An unspecified problem occurred with the scanner's document feeder.
ERROR_WIA_OFFLINE -1454 The WIA device is not online.
ERROR_WIA_BUSY -1455 The WIA device is busy.
ERROR_WIA_WARMING_UP -1456 The WIA device is warming up.
ERROR_WIA_USER_INTERVENTION -1457 An unspecified error has occurred with the WIA device that requires user intervention. The user should ensure that the device is turned on, online, and any cables are properly connected.
ERROR_WIA_ITEM_DELETED -1458 The WIA device was deleted. It can no longer be accessed.
ERROR_WIA_DEVICE_COMMUNICATION -1459 An unspecified error occurred during an attempted communication with the WIA device.
ERROR_WIA_INVALID_COMMAND -1460 The device does not support this command.
ERROR_WIA_INCORRECT_HARDWARE_SETTING -1461 There is an incorrect setting on the WIA device.
ERROR_WIA_DEVICE_LOCKED -1462 The scanner head is locked.
ERROR_WIA_EXCEPTION_IN_DRIVER -1463 The device driver threw an exception.
ERROR_WIA_INVALID_DRIVER_RESPONSE -1464 The response from the driver is invalid.
ERROR_WIA_COVER_OPEN -1465 No Description available.
ERROR_WIA_LAMP_OFF -1466 No Description available.
ERROR_WIA_DESTINATION -1467 No Description available.
ERROR_WIA_NETWORK_RESERVATION_FAILED -1468 No Description available.
ERROR_WIA_NO_DEVICE_AVAILABLE -1469 There are no WIA hardware devices that match the given specifications.
ERROR_WIA_NO_DEVICE_SELECTED -1470 There is no device currently selected.
ERROR_WIA_INVALID_STREAMING_VIDEO_DEVICE -1471 Selected device does not support streaming video.
ERROR_WIA_VIDEO_STREAM_NOT_INITIALIZED -1472 WIA video stream No initialized.
ERROR_WIA_ACCESS_DENIED -1473 Access denied.
ERROR_WIA_NO_ITEMS_AVAILABLE -1474 No child items available.
ERROR_WIA_UNKNOWN -1475 Unknown WIA error occurred.
ERROR_WIA_INVALID_VERSION -1476 Invalid WIA version.
ERROR_JPIP_LOCKED -1477 JPIP support is locked
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality.
Contact LEAD.
ERROR_FORMS_LOCKED -1478 FORMS support is locked
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality.
Contact LEAD.
ERROR_LTANN_MISSING -1479 The ltannU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_LTIMG_MISSING -1480 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_BARCODE_XMODULE -1481 Incorrect module value it should be >= 0.
ERROR_LTKRN_MISSING -1482 The ltkrnU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_LTFIL_MISSING -1483 The ltfilU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_LTDIS_MISSING -1484 The ltdisU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_LTDIC_MISSING -1485 The ltdicU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_INVALID_LUT_LENGTH -1486 The LUT length is invalid. LUTLength should be 1 << (HighBit - LowBit + 1).
ERROR_INV_VARIANT_TYPE -1487 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_INV_STRING -1488 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_INV_DISPATCH -1489 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_FILE_CREATE -1490 Error creating file.
ERROR_INVALID_DIB -1491 The DIB is invalid.
ERROR_CHANNEL_MISSING -1492 The PSD Channel is missing.
ERROR_DOCUMENT_WRITERS_NOT_ENABLED -1493 Document Writers capability is required to use this function
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality.
Contact LEAD.
ERROR_MEDIA_WRITER_NOT_ENABLED -1494 Media writer capability is required to use this function
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality.
Contact LEAD.
ERROR_DOCUMENT_WRITERS_PDF_NOT_ENABLED -1495 Document Writer PDF support is locked
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality.
Contact LEAD.
ERROR_BMP_FILTER_MISSING -1496 The lfBmpU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_RAW_FILTER_MISSING -1497 The lfRawU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_ANN_OPTION_NOT_ENABLED -1498 Annotation option is not enabled. Call L_AnnSetOptions to enable this option.
ERROR_GDIPLUS_ERROR -1500 Generic GDI+ error.
ERROR_J2K_BOX_NOT_AVAILABLE -1501 The required box is not available.
ERROR_PREPROC_BADSTATE -1503 Preprocessing engine is in a bad state.
ERROR_PREPROC_INIT -1504 Preprocessing engine initialization error or no appropriate license.
ERROR_PREPROC_CANTSCALEEDGESTEPS -1505 Preprocessing engine attempted to scale an edge steps format word.
ERROR_PREPROC_WRONGWORD -1506 Preprocessing engine word does not have blobs of that type.
ERROR_PREPROC_CANTFINDPOINTBAND -1507 Preprocessing engine cannot find point band.
ERROR_PREPROC_UNMATCHEDBLOCKRIGHT -1508 Preprocessing engine unmatched block right.
ERROR_PREPROC_UNMATCHEDBLOCKLEFT -1509 Preprocessing engine unmatched block left.
ERROR_PREPROC_UNMATCHEDBLOCKRIGHTREMAINING -1510 Preprocessing engine unmatched block right remaining.
ERROR_PREPROC_CODESILLEGALSUM -1511 Preprocessing engine illegal sum of chain codes.
ERROR_PREPROC_ILLEGALSAMPLESIZE -1512 Preprocessing engine illegal sample size.
ERROR_PREPROC_ILLEGALCIRCULARSPEC -1513 Preprocessing engine illegal circular/linear specification.
ERROR_PREPROC_ILLEGALESSENTIALSPEC -1514 Preprocessing engine illegal essential/non-essential specification.
ERROR_PREPROC_ILLEGALMINMAXSPEC -1515 Preprocessing engine illegal min or max specification.
ERROR_PREPROC_ILLEGALSAMPLECOUNT -1516 Preprocessing engine illegal sample count.
ERROR_PREPROC_ILLEGALMEANSPEC -1517 Preprocessing engine illegal prototype mean.
ERROR_PREPROC_ILLEGALVARIANCESPEC -1518 Preprocessing engine illegal prototype variance.
ERROR_PREPROC_ILLEGALDISTRIBUTION -1519 Preprocessing engine illegal prototype distribution.
ERROR_PREPROC_ILLEGALSIGNIFICANCESPEC -1520 Preprocessing engine illegal significance specification.
ERROR_PREPROC_ILLEGALSTYLESPEC -1521 Preprocessing engine illegal prototype style specification.
ERROR_PREPROC_ILLEGALFLOAT -1522 Preprocessing engine illegal float specification.
ERROR_PREPROC_ILLEGALNUMSETS -1523 Preprocessing engine illegal number of feature sets.
ERROR_PREPROC_ILLEGALSHORTNAME -1524 Preprocessing engine illegal short name for a feature.
ERROR_PREPROC_ILLEGALFEATUREPARAM -1525 Preprocessing engine illegal feature parameter spec.
ERROR_PREPROC_ILLEGALNUMFEATURES -1526 Preprocessing engine illegal number of features in set.
ERROR_PREPROC_HEAPFULL -1527 Preprocessing engine heap size exceeded.
ERROR_PREPROC_ILLEGALAMBIGUITYSPECIFICATION -1528 Preprocessing engine illegal ambiguity specification.
ERROR_PREPROC_INVALIDUNICODECHARSET -1529 Preprocessing engine invalid Unicode character set.
ERROR_PREPROC_BADOKMODE -1530 Preprocessing engine bad OK mode.
ERROR_PREPROC_BADREJECTMODE -1531 Preprocessing engine bad reject mode.
ERROR_PREPROC_READINGTEMPLATEFILE -1532 Preprocessing engine error reading template file.
ERROR_PREPROC_READINGEDGESFILE -1533 Preprocessing engine error while reading edges from file.
ERROR_PREPROC_CANTOPENCHOICEFILE -1534 Preprocessing engine could not open choice file.
ERROR_LEADPRINTER_NOT_ENABLED -1535 LEADTOOLS Printer Driver is required to use this function
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality.
Contact LEAD.
ERROR_LEADPRINTER_SERVER_NOT_ENABLED -1536 LEADTOOLS Printer Driver Server is required to use this function
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality.
Contact LEAD.
ERROR_RTF_FILTER_MISSING -1537 The lfRtfU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_MEDICALVIEWER_ACTION_NOT_ADDED -1538 The specified action is not added to the Image Viewer Cell.
ERROR_MEDICALVIEWER_ACTION_ALREADY_ADDED -1539 The specified action is already added to the Image Viewer Cell.
ERROR_PDF_UTL_MISSING -1540 The ltpdfutl.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_PDF_ENGINE_MISSING -1540 The ltpdfutl.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_BITMAP_FORMAT_UNSUPPORTED -1541 The bitmap format is not supported.
ERROR_DOC2_ASIAN_LOCKED -1542 Asian module is locked.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_CGM_FILTER_MISSING -1543 The lfCgmU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_CLP_FILTER_MISSING -1544 The lfClpU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_CRW_FILTER_MISSING -1545 The lfCrwU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_DJV_FILTER_MISSING -1546 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_DRW_FILTER_MISSING -1547 The lfDrwU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_DWF_FILTER_MISSING -1548 The lfDwfU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_DWG_FILTER_MISSING -1549 The lfDwgU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_EPS_FILTER_MISSING -1550 The lfEpsU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_FIT_FILTER_MISSING -1551 The lfFitU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_FLC_FILTER_MISSING -1552 The lfFlcU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_GIF_FILTER_MISSING -1553 The lfGifU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_HDP_FILTER_MISSING -1554 The lfHdpU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_IFF_FILTER_MISSING -1555 The lfIffU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_JP2_FILTER_MISSING -1556 The ltjp2U.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_JPM_FILTER_MISSING -1557 The lfJpmU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_CIN_FILTER_MISSING -1558 The lfCinU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_LMB_FILTER_MISSING -1559 The lfLmbU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_MIF_FILTER_MISSING -1560 The lfMifU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_MNG_FILTER_MISSING -1561 The lfMngU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_MSP_FILTER_MISSING -1562 The lfMspU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_NTF_FILTER_MISSING -1563 The ltntfU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_PCD_FILTER_MISSING -1564 The lfPcdU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_PCX_FILTER_MISSING -1565 The lfPcxU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_PSD_FILTER_MISSING -1566 The lfPsdU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_PSP_FILTER_MISSING -1567 The lfPspU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_RAS_FILTER_MISSING -1568 The lfRasU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_SFF_FILTER_MISSING -1569 The lfSffU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_SGI_FILTER_MISSING -1570 The lfSgiU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_SGM_FILTER_MISSING -1571 The ltsgmU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_SHP_FILTER_MISSING -1572 The lfShpU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_SID_FILTER_MISSING -1573 The library is missing.
ERROR_SNP_FILTER_MISSING -1574 The lfSnpU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_SVG_FILTER_MISSING -1575 The ltsvgU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_TDB_FILTER_MISSING -1576 The lfTdbU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_TGA_FILTER_MISSING -1577 The lfTgaU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_VEC_FILTER_MISSING -1578 The lfVecU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_VPG_FILTER_MISSING -1579 The lfVpgU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_WFX_FILTER_MISSING -1580 The lfWfxU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_WMZ_FILTER_MISSING -1581 The lfWmzU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_WPG_FILTER_MISSING -1582 The lfWpgU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_XPS_FILTER_MISSING -1583 The lfXpsU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_XWD_FILTER_MISSING -1584 The lfXwdU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_ITG_FILTER_MISSING -1585 The lfItgU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_VFF_FILTER_MISSING -1586 The lfVffU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_JXR_FILTER_MISSING -1587 The lfJxrU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_JLS_FILTER_MISSING -1588 The lfJlsU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_DCF_FILTER_MISSING -1589 The lfDcfU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_KERNEL_EXPIRED -1591 LEADTOOLS Kernel has expired.
Contact LEAD for an updated runtime license file.
ERROR_MISSING_CLASS -1593 Java class not found.
ERROR_MISSING_CLASS_FIELD -1594 Class field missing.
ERROR_HTM_FILTER_MISSING -1595 The lfHtmU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_MOB_FILTER_MISSING -1596 The lfMobU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_PUB_FILTER_MISSING -1597 The lfPubU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_ING_FILTER_MISSING -1598 The lfIngU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_PDF_BAD_INTERPAGELINKS -1599 PDF has internal links which refer to other pages that do not exist.
ERROR_PRNDRV_LOCKED -1600 LEADTOOLS Printer is locked.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_PRNDRV_MORE_DATA -1601 Not enough memory to retrieve the required data.
ERROR_PRNDRV_NO_OPTIONS -1602 No previously options set.
ERROR_PRNDRV_PRINTER_DATA -1604 Invalid printer data.
ERROR_PRNDRV_SET_PRINTER_DATA -1605 Cannot set printer data.
ERROR_PRNDRV_CREATE_REG_KEY -1606 Cannot create registry key.
ERROR_PRNDRV_SET_REG_VALUE -1607 Cannot set registry key value.
ERROR_PRNDRV_ADD_PRINTER -1608 Cannot add printer.
ERROR_PRNDRV_PRINTER_NOTFOUND -1609 Printer not found.
ERROR_PRNDRV_ROOTDIR_NOTFOUND -1610 Root directory not found.
ERROR_PRNDRV_CONNECTION_EXE_NOTFOUND -1611 Connection file not found.
ERROR_PRNDRV_SPOOL_FOLDER_NOTFOUND -1612 Spool folder not found.
ERROR_PRNDRV_INVALID_PRINTER_TYPE -1613 Invalid printer type.
ERROR_PRNDRV_DOC_ALREADY_STARTED -1615 Document already started.
ERROR_PRNDRV_CREATE_TEMP_FILE -1616 Can not create temporary file.
ERROR_PRNDRV_LOAD_DLL -1617 Error loading DLL.
ERROR_PRNDRV_LOADFONT_DATA -1618 Fixed palette data not found.
ERROR_PRNDRV_CANNOT_LOCK -1619 Printer Created Without Password.
ERROR_PRNDRV_ADMINSTRATOR_RIGHTS -1620 User has no right to delete a printer.
ERROR_PRNDRV_NETWORK_PRINTING_DISABLED -1622 Network printing disabled.
ERROR_PRNDRV_INSTALL_INVALID_PRINTER -1623 Printer client installation printer does not exist.
ERROR_PRNDRV_INSTALL_CANCELLED -1624 Printer installation canceled by user.
ERROR_PRNDRV_INSTALL_KM_DRIVER_BLOCKED -1625 The printer driver is not compatible with a policy enabled on your computer.
ERROR_PRNDRV_INSTALL_REGISTRY_ACCESS -1626 Installation cannot access registry.
ERROR_PRNDRV_INSTALL_FAILURE -1627 Installation failed.
ERROR_LEADPRINTER_NETWORK_NOT_ENABLED -1628 LEADTOOLS Printer Driver Network is required to use this function
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality.
Contact LEAD.
ERROR_LEAD_EXCEPTION_FIRST -1700 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_LEAD_EXCEPTION_ARGUMENTNULL -1701 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_LEAD_EXCEPTION_ARGUMENT -1702 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_LEAD_EXCEPTION_INVALIDOPREATION -1703 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_LEAD_EXCEPTION_LAST -1704 Internal or Unrecognized Error.
ERROR_APP_STORE_NOT_ENABLED -1750 LEADTOOLS App Store license is required to use this function
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality.
Contact LEAD.
ERROR_BASIC_NOT_ENABLED -1751 LEADTOOLS Basic license is required to use this function.
You must set a LEADTOOLS runtime license. For more information see Setting a Runtime license.
ERROR_NO_SERVER_LICENSE -1752 Requires a LEADTOOLS server license.
You are trying to create a server application but your LEADTOOLS runtime license does not unlock server application support. Contact LEAD
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality.
Contact LEAD.
ERROR_INCORRECT_WIDTH_ADJUSTED -1753 The width seems to be incorrect and has been automatically adjusted.
ERROR_INV_LICENSE -1754 Invalid runtime license.
The LEADTOOLS runtime license you provided is invalid.
ERROR_SERVER_LICENSE -1755 Invalid runtime server license.
The LEADTOOLS runtime license you provided is invalid.
ERROR_SERVER_LICENSE_USER -1756 Specified user for server license was not registered.
ERROR_SERVER_LICENSE_APP -1757 Specified app for server license was not registered.
ERROR_SERVER_LICENSE_CONNECT -1758 Connection to license server failed.
ERROR_SERVER_LICENSE_NOT_ACTIVATED -1759 Server runtime license has not been activated or machine has changed.
If you have moved your application to a new machine, you must de-activate and re-active your server license. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_OCR_NOT_ENABLED -1760 OCR not enabled.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_OCR_ENGINE_NOT_STARTED -1763 OCR engine not started.
ERROR_OCR_LANGUAGE_NOT_SUPPORTED -1764 OCR language not supported.
ERROR_OCR_COMPONENT_MISSING -1765 OCR component missing.
ERROR_OCR_INVALID_SETTING_NAME -1766 Invalid OCR setting name.
ERROR_OCR_INVALID_SETTING_TYPE -1767 Invalid OCR setting type.
ERROR_OCR_INVALID_SETTING_VALUE -1768 Invalid OCR setting value.
ERROR_OCR_INVALID_ZONE_TYPE -1769 Invalid OCR zone type.
ERROR_OCR_INIT -1770 OCR engine initialization error, or there is no appropriate license.
ERROR_OCR_ERROR -1771 OCR generic error.
ERROR_OCR_SPELLCHECKER_NOT_FOUND -1772 Error loading spell checker or one of its dependencies.
ERROR_PST_FILTER_MISSING -1773 The lfPstU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_OCR_MULTIPLE_ASIAN_LANGUAGES_NOT_ALLOWED -1774 Enabling multiple Asian languages not allowed.
ERROR_MEDIA_STREAMING_NOT_ENABLED -1775 LEADTOOLS Media Streaming is required to use this function
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality.
Contact LEAD.
ERROR_XMP_FILTER_MISSING -1776 The lfXmpU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_X9F_FILTER_MISSING -1777 The lfX9fU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_FILE_SIZE_TOO_BIG -1778 The file size is too big for selected format (eg: trying to create a TIFF file > 4GB).
ERROR_FORMAT_MISMATCH -1779 File format mismatch (eg: trying to save a TIFF page into a BigTIFF file).
ERROR_FILEINFO_UPDATED -1780 The FILEINFO structure has been updated. The file can be reloaded.
ERROR_TAG_VALUE_TOO_BIG -1781 LONG/SLONG tag value exceeded the 32-bit range (can occur in CompactTIFF when you convert BigTIFF file to regular TIFF).
ERROR_INVALID_YUV_FORMAT -1782 The YUV format is not supported.
ERROR_INVALID_YUV_SIZE -1783 The size of the YUV buffer is incorrect.
ERROR_LTDRW_MISSING -1784 The ltdrwU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_INV_LICENSE_VERSION -1785 Invalid runtime license version.
ERROR_MAX_OPEN_FILES -1786 Too many open files.
ERROR_INV_PAGE_NUMBERS -1787 The first or last page number is incorrect.
ERROR_LTDOCWRT_MISSING -1788 The ltdocwrtU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_THREEJS_FILTER_MISSING -1789 The lf3jsU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_NO_LICENSE -1790 No runtime license was set.
You must set a LEADTOOLS runtime license. For more information see: Setting a Runtime license
Contact LEAD to obtain a runtime license file.
ERROR_LTEFX_MISSING -1791 The library is missing.
ERROR_TXT_FILTER_MISSING -1792 The lfTxtU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_LTMRC_MISSING -1793 The ltmrcU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_LTPDFCOMP_MISSING -1794 The ltpdfcompU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_LTCC_MISSING -1795 The ltccU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_LTPDF_MISSING -1796 The ltpdfU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_CMX_FILTER_MISSING -1797 The lfCmxU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_DGN_FILTER_MISSING -1798 The lfDgnU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_E00_FILTER_MISSING -1799 The lfE00U.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_SANE_UNSUPPORTED -1800 Operation is not supported.
ERROR_SANE_DEVICE_BUSY -1801 Device is busy.
ERROR_SANE_INVAL -1802 Data or argument is invalid.
ERROR_SANE_JAMMED -1803 Document feeder jammed.
ERROR_SANE_NO_DOCS -1804 Document feeder out of documents.
ERROR_SANE_COVER_OPEN -1805 Scanner cover is open.
ERROR_SANE_IO_ERROR -1806 Error during device I/O.
ERROR_SANE_ACCESS_DENIED -1807 Access to resource has been denied.
ERROR_PTK_FILTER_MISSING -1808 The lfPtkU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_DOC_FILTER_MISSING -1809 The lfDocU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_DOX_FILTER_MISSING -1810 The lfDoxU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_PPT_FILTER_MISSING -1811 The lfPptU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_PPX_FILTER_MISSING -1812 The lfPpxU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_XLS_FILTER_MISSING -1813 The lfXlsU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_XLX_FILTER_MISSING -1814 The lfXlxU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_PNM_FILTER_MISSING -1815 The lfPnmU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_WMP_FILTER_MISSING -1816 The lfWmpU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_CUT_FILTER_MISSING -1817 The lfCutU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_IMG_FILTER_MISSING -1818 The lfImgU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_MAC_FILTER_MISSING -1819 The lfMacU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_SMP_FILTER_MISSING -1820 The lfSmpU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_XPM_FILTER_MISSING -1821 The lfXpmU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_ANZ_FILTER_MISSING -1822 The lfAnzU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_SCT_FILTER_MISSING -1823 The lfSctU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_TFX_FILTER_MISSING -1824 The lfTfxU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_ANI_FILTER_MISSING -1825 The lfAniU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_LTDRWMP_MISSING -1826 The ltdrwmpU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_GBR_FILTER_MISSING -1827 The lfGbrU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_NAP_FILTER_MISSING -1828 The lfNapU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_PCL_FILTER_MISSING -1829 The lfPclU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_PCT_FILTER_MISSING -1830 The lfPctU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_AFP_FILTER_MISSING -1831 The lfAfpU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_CAL_FILTER_MISSING -1832 The lfCalU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_ICA_FILTER_MISSING -1833 The lfIcaU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_LMA_FILTER_MISSING -1834 The lfLmaU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_STL_FILTER_MISSING -1835 The lfStlU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_BARCODE1DWRITE_MISSING -1836 The ltbar4U.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_BARCODEPDFWRITE_MISSING -1837 The ltbar6wU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_BARCODEDATAMATRIXWRITE_MISSING -1838 The ltbar7wU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_BARCODEQRWRITE_MISSING -1839 The ltbar8wU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_BARCODE2DWRITE_MISSING -1840 The lt2dwriteU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_FILTER_IGNORED -1841 The file filter needed to support this format has been marked as ignored.
ERROR_ECW_FILTER_MISSING -1842 The lfEcwU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_FPX_FILTER_MISSING -1843 The lfFpxU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_AWD_FILTER_MISSING -1844 The lfAwdU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_XBM_FILTER_MISSING -1845 The lfXbmU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_FILE_ACCESS_DENIED -1846 Access denied.
ERROR_FILE_DELETE -1847 Error deleting file.
ERROR_NO_PAGES -1848 The document has no pages.
ERROR_FOLDER_CREATE -1849 Error creating folder.
ERROR_FILENAME_ALREADY_REGISTERED -1850 (Internal) Filename already registered.
ERROR_INV_UNICODE_STRING -1851 The Unicode string could not be converted to ANSI because it contains characters not supported by the current ANSI page.
ERROR_INV_FILE_HANDLE -1852 (Internal error) Invalid file handle.
ERROR_TEMP_FILE_DISK_DISABLED -1853 Feature requires physical disk temporary files.
ERROR_FILE_WRITEONLY -1854 File/stream is write-only. Cannot open file/stream with read access.
ERROR_FILE_READ_DENIED -1855 Read access was denied. The operation needs to be able to read from the file/stream.
ERROR_FILE_WRITE_DENIED -1856 Write access was denied. The operation needs to be able to write to the file/stream.
ERROR_LTWEBKITENGINE_MISSING -1857 The ltwebkitengineU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_FEATURE_NOT_SUPPORTED_ON_THIS_PLATFORM -1858 Support for the requested feature is unavailable on this platform.
ERROR_FILE_CORRUPTED -1859 The file format is recognized, but is corrupted.
ERROR_INV_INDEX -1860 Invalid index.
ERROR_GDI_ERROR -1861 Generic GDI error.
ERROR_LTDOCWRTALTO_MISSING -1862 The ltdocwrtaltoU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_FORMAT_RECOGNIZED_BUT_OPERATION_FAILED -1863 The file format is recognized, but the operation failed.
ERROR_EXTERNAL_PROCESS_TERMINATED -1865 The external process was terminated abnormally.
ERROR_INVALID_ALTOXML_INDENTATION -1866 The Alto XML indentation contains invalid (non-space) characters.
ERROR_OCR_ZONE_OUTSIDE_BITMAP -1867 One or more zones is completely outside the bitmap (zones were probably created for a bigger bitmap).
ERROR_PDF_UTL_INVALID -1868 The ltpdfutl.DLL library is invalid or out of date.
ERROR_ATTACHMENT_NOT_FOUND -1869 The requested attachment was not found.
ERROR_NO_ATTACHMENTS -1870 The file has no attachments.
ERROR_LTCLR_INVALID -1871 LtclrU.DLL is invalid or corrupted.
ERROR_NOT_TIFF_FILE -1872 The file passed to this function is not a TIFF file.
ERROR_SVG_NOT_ENABLED -1873 SVG support is locked
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality.
Contact LEAD.
ERROR_ANNOTATIONS_NOT_ENABLED -1874 Annotations support is locked
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality.
Contact LEAD.
ERROR_ICR_MISSING -1875 The library is missing.
ERROR_ENCRYPTED -1876 The source file is encrypted and no password was provided.
ERROR_REDIRECT_TO_FILTER -1877 Internal error - redirect to another filter.
ERROR_ML_MISSING -1878 The ltmlU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_HEIF_GETTING_ITEM_DATA -1879 Error getting the item data.
ERROR_HEIF_TILES_DIFFERENT_SIZE -1880 Not all tiles have the same size.
ERROR_HEIF_INVALID_GRID_DATA -1881 The grid data is invalid.
ERROR_HEIF_INVALID_COMPRESSION_PARAMS -1882 Invalid compression parameters - call LEAD.
ERROR_HEIF_FILTER_MISSING -1883 The lfHeifU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_HEIF_INVALID_BOX_SIZE -1884 Invalid box size.
ERROR_HEIF_COMPONENTS_HAVE_DIFFERENT_BIT_DEPTHS -1885 Luma & Chroma components have different bit depths.
ERROR_HEIF_INVALID_EXIF_METADATA -1886 The exif metadata format is invalid - call LEAD.
ERROR_HEIF_UNSUPPORTED_IMAGE_TYPE -1887 Unsupported image type - call LEAD.
ERROR_HEIF_REFERENCES_MISSING -1888 Some references are missing.
ERROR_HEIF_ENCODER_FAILURE -1889 Generic error encoding the data.
ERROR_HEIF_UNSUPPORTED_CHROMA_FORMAT -1890 Unsupported chroma format - call LEAD.
ERROR_HEIF_DECODER_FAILURE -1891 Generic error decoding the data - call LEAD.
ERROR_HEIF_COMPRESSED_DATA_HAS_NO_FRAME -1892 The compressed data stream contains no frame.
ERROR_NO_EXIF_METADATA -1893 The file has no Exif metadata.
ERROR_TOO_MANY_TEMP_FILES -1894 There are too many files in the temp folder.
ERROR_DOCCORE_MISSING -1895 The ltdoccoreU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_ALL_PAGES_OUT_RANGE -1896 All the specified pages are out of document page range.
ERROR_DOCUMENT_EDITING_NOT_ENABLED -1897 Document Editing support is locked
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality.
Contact LEAD.
ERROR_LTDOCWRTDOCX_MISSING -1898 The ltdocwrtdocxU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_LTDOCWRTRTF_MISSING -1899 The ltdocwrtrtfU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_LTDOCWRTTXT_MISSING -1900 The ltdocwrttxtU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_IMAGE_READ_ONLY -1901 Image processing is not allowed on this image because it is part of a RasterImage allocated with NoFreeDataOnDispose.
ERROR_TEMP_FILE_CREATE_ACCESS_DENIED -1902 An access denied error occurred trying to create a temporary file. Check the access rights for the temp folder.
ERROR_TEMP_FILE_CREATE -1903 An unknown error occurred trying to create a temporary file. Make sure you can create files in the temp folder.
ERROR_FEATURE_NOT_SUPPORTED_FOR_THIS_FORMAT -1904 Feature not supported for this format.
ERROR_MEMORY_LIMIT -1905 You have exceeded the amount of memory allowed for allocations in this application.
ERROR_BITMAP_TOO_BIG -1906 The bitmap is too big. Try loading it at a lower resolution.
ERROR_FEATURE_NOT_SUPPORTED_ON_THIS_OPERATING_SYSTEM -1907 Support for the requested feature is unavailable on this operating system.
ERROR_TWN_MISSING -1908 The lttwnU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_WIA_MISSING -1909 The ltwiaU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_INV_RASTERIZEDOCOPTIONS -1910 The CodecsRasterizeDocumentLoadOptions are invalid.
ERROR_COLOR_CONVERSION -1911 Generic color conversion error.
ERROR_DLGFILE_MISSING -1912 The LtDlgFileU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_SCR_MISSING -1913 The LtScrU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_EFX_MISSING -1914 The LtEfxU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_PRINTER_MISSING -1915 The LtPrinterU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_DLGKRN_MISSING -1916 The LtDlgKrnU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_DLGUTL_MISSING -1917 The LtDlgUtlU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_DLGCOM_MISSING -1918 The LtDlgComU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_DLGCTRL_MISSING -1919 The LtDlgCtrlU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_FILE_TRUNCATED -1920 The file is probably truncated. More data was needed to correctly decode the file.
ERROR_ASR_MISSING -1921 The LtASRU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_WEBP_FILTER_MISSING -1922 The lfWebpU.DLL library is missing.
ERROR_ENCODER_FAILURE -1923 Generic error encoding the data.
ERROR_WEBP_FRAMES_OF_DIFFERENT_SIZES_NOT_SUPPORTED -1924 All the animation frames must have the same width and height.
ERROR_WEBP_ENCODER_FAILURE -1925 There was a generic WEBP encoder failure.
ERROR_FLOAT_DATA_NOT_SUPPORTED -1926 Float image data not supported.
ERROR_FLOAT_DATA_CONVERSION_NOT_SUPPORTED -1927 Conversion of floating data is not supported.
WRPERR_BITMAP_NOT_ALLOCATED -2000 The bitmap has not been allocated.
WRPERR_INVALID_CLASS -2001 The class object is invalid or has not been initialized.
WRPERR_INVALID_PARAMETERS -2002 One or more invalid parameters were specified.
WRPERR_BITMAP_BPP -2003 The bitmap's bits per pixel is invalid for this operation.
WRPERR_BITMAP_DITHER_NOT_STARTED -2004 LBitmapBase::StartDithering must be called first.
WRPERR_BITMAP_ALREADY_ALLOCATED -2005 The bitmap has already been allocated.
WRPERR_BITMAP_PREPARE_FAILED -2006 Bitmap prepare failed.
WRPERR_BITMAP_ITEM_IN_LIST -2007 Bitmap is an item from list.
WRPERR_BITMAP_CONVERT -2008 Error converting bitmap.
WRPERR_INET_ITEM_NOTFOUND -2009 Internet item not found.
WRPERR_INET_NOMORE_SPACE -2010 Internet no more space.
WRPERR_INET_ALREADY_CONNECTED -2011 Internet already connected.
WRPERR_MMCAPTURE_WINDOW_ALREADY_CREATED -2012 Multimedia capture window already created.
WRPERR_MMEDIA_ALREADY_CREATED -2013 Multimedia already created.
WRPERR_PLAYBACK_ALREADY_CREATED -2014 Playback already created.
WRPERR_LIST_ALREADY_CREATED -2015 List already created.
WRPERR_LIST_NOT_CREATED -2016 List not created.
WRPERR_CLASS_NOT_READY -2017 Class not ready.
WRPERR_BUFFER_NO_MEMORY -2018 Buffer no memory.
WRPERR_BUFFER_ERRSIZE -2019 Invalid buffer size.
WRPERR_BUFFER_INVALID_HANDLE -2020 Invalid buffer handle.
WRPERR_FILE_FEEDLOAD_NOT_STARTED -2021 Feedload not started.
WRPERR_MEMFILE_COMP_NOT_STARTED -2022 Compression engine not started.
WRPERR_ANN_INVALID_FILE -2023 Invalid annonation file.
WRPERR_ANN_INVALID_FILEMEM -2024 Invalid annonation file memory.
WRPERR_ANN_INVALID_OBJECT -2025 Invalid annonation object.
WRPERR_ANN_DESTROYTOOLBAR_FAILED -2026 Cannot destroy toolbar.
WRPERR_ANN_ALLOCATED_MEMORY -2027 Error allocating memory.
WRPERR_BUFFER_NOTVALID -2028 Invalid buffer.
WRPERR_BUFFER_REALLOCATE -2029 Error reallocating buffer.
WRPERR_BUFFER_COPY -2030 Error copying buffer.
WRPERR_BUFFER_RESIZE_NOT_STARTED -2031 Resize Engine not started.
WRPERR_BUFFER_LOCKED -2032 Buffer locked.
WRPERR_BITMAPWND_PANNOTCREATED -2033 Pan window not created.
WRPERR_BITMAPWND_REGISTER -2034 Error registering window.
WRPERR_BITMAPWND_CREATEWINDOW -2035 Error creating window.
WRPERR_ANIMATION_ALREADY_STARTED -2036 Animation playback already started.
WRPERR_ANIMATION_IS_RUNNING -2037 Animation is running.
WRPERR_ANNWND_CANT_CREATE_OBJECT -2038 Cannot create annotation window.
WRPERR_LTKRN_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2039 Ltkrn dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTDIS_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2040 Ltdis dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTFIL_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2041 Ltfil dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTIMG_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2042 Ltimg dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTEFX_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2043 Ltefx dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTDLG_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2044 Ltdlg dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTTWN_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2045 Lttwn dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTSCR_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2046 Ltscr dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTANN_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2047 Ltann dll not loaded.
WRPERR_BITMAPLIST_ITEM_OPERATION_ERROR -2049 Bitmaplist item operation error.
WRPERR_BITMAPLIST_NOT_CREATED -2050 Bitmaplist not created.
WRPERR_ANIMATION_INVALID_FILE -2051 Invalid Animation File.
WRPERR_BITMAP_IS_ALIST_MEMBER -2053 Bitmap is a bitmaplist member.
WRPERR_WINDOW_NOT_CREATED -2054 Window not created.
WRPERR_OPERATION_NOT_ALLOWED -2055 Operation not Allowed.
WRPERR_OPERATION_CANCELED -2056 Operation Canceled.
WRPERR_LTTMB_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2057 Lttmb dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTLST_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2058 Ltlst dll not loaded.
WRPERR_IMAGELISTCONTROL_CREATE -2059 ImageList Control not created.
WRPERR_LTVKRN_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2060 Ltvkrn dll not loaded.
WRPERR_NO_VECTOR -2061 Vector is not loaded.
WRPERR_VECTOR_NOT_ALLOCATED -2062 Vector is not allocated.
WRPERR_LVDLG_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2063 Lvdlg dll not loaded.
WRPERR_FEATURE_NOT_SUPPORTED_IN_DIRECTX -2064 Feature not supported in DirectX.
WRPERR_FEATURE_NOT_SUPPORTED -2065 Feature not supported.
WRPERR_VECTOR_NOT_ASSOCIATED -2066 Vector not associated.
WRPERR_VECTOR_INVALID_LAYER -2067 Invalid Vector Layer.
WRPERR_VECTOR_INVALID_OBJECT -2068 Invalid Vector Object.
WRPERR_VECTOR_INVALID_OBJECT_TYPE -2069 Invalid Vector Object Type.
WRPERR_VECTOR_INVALID_OBJECT_DESC -2070 Invalid Vector Object Descriptor.
WRPERR_VECTOR_LOCK_ERROR -2071 Vector is locked.
WRPERR_LTBAR_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2072 Ltbar.dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTAUT_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2073 Ltaut.dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTCON_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2074 Ltcon.dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LDKRN_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2075 Ldkrn.dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTTLB_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2076 Lttlb.dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTPNT_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2077 Ltpnt.dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTPDG_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2078 Ltpdg.dll not loaded.
WRPERR_VECTOR_INVALID_GROUP -2079 Invalid Vector Group.
WRPERR_LTSGM_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2081 Ltsgm dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTDLGKRN_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2082 Ltdlgkrn dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTDLGCLR_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2083 Ltdlgclr dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTDLGWEB_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2084 Ltdlgweb dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTDLGIMG_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2085 Ltdlgimg dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTDLGEFX_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2086 Ltdlgefx dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTDLGIMGDOC_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2087 Ltdlgimgdoc dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTDLGFILE_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2088 Ltdlgfile dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTDLGIMGEFX_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2089 Ltdlgimgefx dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTZMV_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2090 Ltzmv dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTIMGOPT_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2091 Ltimgopt dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTMRC_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2092 Ltmrc dll not loaded.
WRPERR_IMAGEVIEWERCONTROL_NOT_CREATED -2094 Image Viewer Control not created.
WRPERR_IMAGEVIEWERCONTROL_ALREADY_CREATED -2095 Image Viewer Control already created.
WRPERR_LTCLR_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2096 Ltclr dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTIMGCOR_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2097 Ltimgcor dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTIMGCLR_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2098 Ltimgclr dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTIMGSFX_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2099 Ltimgsfx dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTIMGEFX_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2100 Ltimgefx dll not loaded.
WRPERR_LTNTF_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2101 Ltntf dll not loaded.
WRPERR_NITF_NOT_CREATED -2102 NITF handle not created.
WRPERR_LTWIA_DLL_NOT_LOADED -2103 Ltwia dll not loaded.
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