Summary of All Supported Image File Formats

For the most-current listing of all supported file formats, see Formats.

Raster Color and Grayscale

ABIC - ABIC Format


ANI - Windows Animated Cursor

ANZ - Mayo Clinic Analyze Format

BMP - Windows Bitmap Formats

CIN - Cineon Format

CLP - Microsoft Windows Clipboard Format

CMP - LEAD Compressed*

CMW - LEAD Wavelet Compressed

CRW - Canon RAW Format

CSV - Comma-Separated Value

CUR - Windows Cursors

CUT - Dr. Halo Format

DCF - Digital Camera Format

DCR - Kodak Professional Digital Camera Format

DCS - Kodak Professional Digital Camera System Format

DCX - DCX Format


DOC - Microsoft Word 97-2013 Document Format

DOCX - Microsoft Word Document Format

DNG - Adobe Digital Negative

EMF - Windows Metafile Formats

EPS - Encapsulated PostScript Format

EPUB - Electronic Publishing Format (EPUB)

EXIF - Exif Formats*

FIT - FITS Format

FLC - Flic Animation Format

FPX - Kodak Format

GIF - GIF Format*

HDP - JPEG XR / Microsoft

HD Photo File Format

HTM - HyperText Markup Language

ICO - Windows Icons / PNG Compressed Icon

INGR - Intergraph Raster File Format

IFF - Interchange File Formats

JBG - JBIG Format*

JLS - JPEG-LS Format

JPG - JPEG Compressed*

JP2 - JPEG 2000 Compressed*

JPM - JPEG 2000 Part 6 Compressed


KDC - Kodak Digital Camera Format

MNG - Multiple-image Network Graphic

MOBI - Mobipocket Format

MRC - Mixed Raster Content

MRC - LEADTOOLS Mixed Raster Content

MRC - LEADTOOLS PDF with Mixed Raster Content

NITF - NITF Format

PBM - Portable Bitmap Utilities Format

PCD - Kodak Format

PCT - Macintosh Pict Format

PCX - PCX Format

PDF - Portable Document Format

PNG - Portable Network Graphics Format*

PPT - Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation Format

PPTX - Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Format

PS - PostScript Document Format

PSD - PhotoShop 3.0 Format

PSP - Paint Shop Pro Format

PST - Personal Storage Tables, Messages and Emails Format

PTK/PTCOA - Presentation Text Object Content Architecture

RAS - SUN Raster Format

RTF - Rich Text Format

SCT - Scitex Continuous Tone Format

SFF - Structured Fax File Format

SGI - Silicon Graphics Image Format

SNP - MS Access Report Snapshots Format

TDB - MS Windows Thumbnail Cache Format

TGA - Truevision TARGA Format

TIFF / BigTIFF - Tagged Image File Format*

TIFX - Xerox Internet Fax File Format

TXT - Text Format

VFF - SUN TCCA Visualization Format

WBMP - Wireless Bitmap Format*

WMF - Windows Metafile Formats

WPG - WordPerfect Format

XLS - Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Spreadsheet Format

XLSX/XLSB - Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Format

XPM - XPicMap

XPS - XML Paper Specification

XWD - X WindowDump

Raster Bitonal (1-Bit)

CAL - CALS Raster Format

CMP - LEAD 1-Bit Format

FAX - Raw Fax Format

FAX - LaserView LaserData Format

ICA - Image Object Content Architecture (IOCA/MODCA)

IMG - GEM Image Format

ITG - Intergraph Format

INGR - Intergraph Raster File Format

JBIG2 - JBIG2 Format*

MAC - MacPaint Format

MSP - Microsoft Paint

SMP - Xionics Format

TIFF - Tagged Image File Format / CCITT

WFX - WinFax Format

WFX - WinFax Format

X9 - Image Cash Letter

XBM - XBitMap Format


CGM - Computer Graphics Metafile

CMX - Corel Presentation Exchange Format

DGN - Intergraph Format

DRW - Micrografx Designer DRaWing

DWF - DWF Format

DWFX - DWFX Format

DWG - DWG Format

DXF - Drawing Interchange Format

E00 - ArcInfo Interchange File Format

EMF - Windows Metafile Formats

GBR - Gerber Format

MIF - MapInfo Interchange File Format


PCL/PCL-XL - Printer Command Language Format

PCT - Macintosh Pict Format

PLT - PLT / HPGL Format

SHP - ESRI Shape Format

SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics Format

VEC - LEADTOOLS Vector Dump Format

VPG - WordPerfect Vector Format

WMF - Windows Metafile Formats

WMZ - Compressed Windows Metafile Format

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