Combining Images with Regions

  1. Define the following global variables:

    CWnd WndClient; /* current child window */   
    RGNXFORM XForm; /* Structure for transforming display coordinates */   
    RECT rClientArea; /* Client area of the current window */   
    RECT rRgnRect; /* Rectangle that defines the region */   
    LBitmapBase BitmapDst; /* Destination bitmap */   
    LBitmapBase BitmapSrc; /* Source bitmap */   
    L_INT XDst; /* Column offset of the destination */   
    L_INT YDst; /* Row offset of the destination */   
    L_INT XSize;/* Pixel width of the rectangle to combine */   
    L_INT YSize;/* Pixel height of the rectangle to combine */   
    L_INT XSrc; /* Column offset of the source */   
    L_INT YSrc; /* Column offset of the source */ 

  2. Load two images as follows:

    BitmapDst.Load(MAKE_IMAGE_PATH(TEXT("sample1.cmp")), 0, ORDER_BGR, NULL, NULL);   
    BitmapSrc.Load(MAKE_IMAGE_PATH(TEXT("sample2.cmp")), 0, ORDER_BGR, NULL, NULL); 

  3. Get the client area of the current child window as follows:


  4. Set RGNXFORM fields, assuming that the display rectangle is the same as the client area of the current child window as follows:

    XForm.uViewPerspective = TOP_LEFT;   
    XForm.nXScalarNum = BitmapDst.GetWidth();   
    XForm.nXScalarDen = rClientArea.right;   
    XForm.nYScalarNum = BitmapDst.GetHeight();   
    XForm.nYScalarDen = rClientArea.bottom;   
    XForm.nXOffset = 0;   
    XForm.nYOffset = 0; 

  5. Specify a rectangle to define the region and then create a rectangular region as follows:

    SetRect(&rRgnRect, rClientArea.right/8, rClientArea.bottom/8, rClientArea.right/2, rClientArea.bottom/2);   
    LBitmapRgn bmpRegion(&BitmapDst);   

  6. Specify a position in the top left part of the displayed image and use the full size of the source bitmap as follows:

    XDst = BitmapDst.GetWidth() / 8;   
    YDst = BitmapDst.GetHeight() / 8;   
    YSize = BitmapSrc.GetHeight();   
    XSize = BitmapSrc.GetWidth();   
    XSrc = 0;   
    YSrc = 0; 

  7. Combine BitmapDst with BitmapSrc, using flags for an ordinary paste, and save it as a new file:

    BitmapDst.Combine(&BitmapSrc, XDst, YDst, XSize, YSize, XSrc, YSrc, CB_OP_ADD | CB_DST_0);   
    BitmapDst.Save(MAKE_IMAGE_PATH(TEXT("eye.gif")), FILE_BMP, 0, 2, 1, 0); 

  8. At the end you should free the rectangle:


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