Using the Magnifying Glass

LEADTOOLS provides a magnifying glass for the LBitmapWindow class. This magnifying glass provides a means of "zooming in" on the image loaded into an LBitmapWindow object.

Use the Magnifying Glass if you want to:

The magnifying glass options and the zoomed display options are set using a MAGGLASSOPTIONS structure. To use the magnifying glass, call the LBitmapWindow::GetMagGlassOptions function to get the current magnifying glass options. Next call the LBitmapWindow::SetMagGlassOptions function to set any new magnifying glass options to be used. Then call LBitmapWindow::SetToolType to set the tool type to TOOL_MAGGLASS. As the magnifying glass is moved over an image, the zoomed - in view is also displayed. To determine whether a class object has a magnifying glass attached to it, call the LBitmapWindow::IsToolTypeMagGlass function. The following can be set in a MAGGLASSOPTIONS structure:

When the magnifying glass is no longer needed, just change the tool type using LBitmapWindow::SetToolType.

LEADTOOLS provides two defined shapes for the Magnifying Glass: Rectangle and Ellipse. The LBitmapWindow::UpdateMagGlassShape function lets you update the shape of the magnifying glass to one of the previously listed shapes, or to a custom shape.

Zoom View

In the Document and Medical toolkits, LEADTOOLS also provides a Zoom View that can be attached to a window handle.

Use the Zoom View if you want to:

For more information about the Zoom View, refer to Using the Zoom View.

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