Changes from Version 22 to Version 23

Version 23 of this C++ Class Library has changed from version 22 as follows:

New file format support

Changed Data Types

FILETXTOPTIONS - Takes 4 new members.

New Defines

Define Value Description
ELO2_FORCEYCBCR [0x000000080] (JPEG 2000 only) Force YCbCr colorspace.
FILE_ODP [409] OpenDocument Presentation file format.
FILE_ODS [408] OpenDocument Spreadsheet file format.
FILE_ODT [407] OpenDocument Text file format (ODT).
L_TEXT_FLAGS_VARIABLE_HEIGHT [0x0002] If set, the output height is calculated so the whole text file will be loaded as one page. In this case, RASTERIZEDOCOPTIONS.dPageHeight is ignored.
L_TEXT_FLAGS_VARIABLE_WIDTH [0x0001] If set, the output width is calculated from the longest line in the file. In this case, FILETXTOPTIONS.bWrap and RASTERIZEDOCOPTIONS.dPageWidth are ignored.
ROTATE_USE_FILL_COLOR_ALPHA [0x0010] If set, set the alpha value of the background color to the alpha value from the crFill parameter.

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What's New in Version 23

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