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Curve Annotation Object

The Curve annotation object (ANNOBJECT_CURVE) is a sequence of points that are joined by cubic polynomials such that adjacent polynomials are continuous at the first and second derivates. The result is a smooth, continuous curve going through all the points.

With the automated functions, each curve is formed with a mouse click, and the object is completed on a double click.

The class for Polygon Annotation objects is LAnnCurve.

You can change the points using LAnnCurve::GetPoints and LAnnCurve::SetPoints.

For information on flipping, reversing or rotating annotation objects, refer to Flipping, Reversing and Rotating Annotation Objects.

With low-level functions, you must provide the points that define the shape of the object. Other applicable properties have the following defaults, which you can change:

Property Defaults
Visible Defaults to FALSE. It can be changed using the LAnnotation::SetVisible function.
Selected Defaults to FALSE. It can be changed using the LAnnotation::SetSelected function.
Name Defaults to an empty string. It can be changed using the LAnnotation::SetNameOptions function.
Line width Defaults to 0.75 points. It can be changed using the LAnnAutomation::SetLineWidth function. (Note that when displayed, the line must have a minimum width of 1 pixel.)
Line style Defaults to solid. It can be changed using the LAnnAutomation::SetLineStyle function.
ROP2 code Defaults to ANNROP2_COPY. It can be changed using the LAnnotation::SetROP2 function.
Foreground color Defaults to red. It can be changed using the LAnnotation::SetForeColor function.
Nodes Defaults to displaying every node. It can be changed using the LAnnXXX::SetNodes function.
Fixed State Defaults to not fixed. It can be changed using the LAnnXXX::SetFixed function.
Hyperlink Defaults to ANNLINK_NONE. It can be changed using the LAnnotation::SetHyperlink function.
Tag (identifier) Defaults to 0. It can be changed using the LAnnotation::SetTag function.
Window handle Defaults to NULL or the handle inherited from the container.
User mode Defaults to design mode or the mode inherited from the container.

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