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Container Annotation Object

The container annotation object (ANNOBJECT_CONTAINER) is a rectangle that is normally transparent, with a NULL line style. With the automated functions, its only purpose is to group other objects, including other container objects.

The class for Container Annotation objects is LAnnContainer.

With low-level functions, you can insert and remove objects from a container, and you must specify the coordinates of an object relative to the container that it is in. The outermost (root) container establishes the frame of reference for all other objects, as explained in Low-Level Coordinate System for Annotations.

With low-level functions, you must specify the defining rectangle. Other applicable properties for the container have the following defaults, which you can change:

Property Default value
Visible Defaults to FALSE. It can be changed using LAnnotation::SetVisible.
Selected Defaults to FALSE. It can be changed using LAnnotation::SetSelected.
Foreground color Defaults to black. It can be changed using LAnnContainer::SetForeColor.
Background color Defaults to white. It can be changed using LAnnContainer::SetBackColor.
Line width Defaults to 1. It can be changed using LAnnContainer::SetLineWidth. (Values equate to a minimum of 1 pixel when displayed.)
Line style Defaults to NULL. It can be changed using LAnnContainer::SetLineStyle.
Fill pattern Defaults to solid. It can be changed using LAnnContainer::SetFillPattern.
Fill mode Defaults to transparent. It can be changed using LAnnContainer::SetFillMode.
Text Displayed* Defaults to Show text. It can be changed using LAnnotation::SetTextOptions.
Text Color* Defaults to red (RGB(255,0,0). It can be changed using LAnnotation::SetTextOptions.
Tag (identifier) Defaults to 0. It can be changed using LAnnotation::SetTag.
Window handle Defaults to NULL or the handle inherited from the container.
User mode Defaults to design mode or the mode inherited from the container.
Fixed State Defaults to not fixed. It can be changed using LAnnXXX::SetFixed.
Name Defaults to an empty string. It can be changed using the LAnnotation::SetNameOptions function.

* if disabled, you must enable these features using the LAnnotation::SetOptions function.

Use the LAnnotation::SetOptions function and the LAnnotation::GetOptions function to control the following features:

For more information about these features, refer to Annotation Features.

If the annotation objects are container, automation, text, text pointer, stamp, note, pushpin, or button objects it is possible to use the LAnnotation::GetTextOptions and the LAnnotation::SetTextOptions functions to set the objects to show or hide the text and to set the color of the text. In addition, if the annotation objects are text or stamp objects these functions can set the objects to show or hide the borders of the object. These features must be enabled using the LAnnotation::SetOptions function.

The LAnnotation::SetFillMode and the LAnnotation::GetFillMode extends the original functions to support the ANNMODE_ALPHA fill mode. Before calling these two functions, enable the alpha background fill mode by calling the LAnnotation::SetOptions function.

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