Kodak Formats (PCD and FPX)

LEADTOOLS supports the following Kodak formats:

You cannot write PhotoCD files. They are read-only.

The format of a FlashPix file is based on compound object storage, which allows storage of various kinds of data. A FlashPix file may consist of several "pages" where each "page" has storage for a source image, non-image data in the form of comments, transform data, and a stamp or thumbnail. Each image is stored as an entire multi-resolution hierarchy where each resolution in the hierarchy differs from the next highest resolution by a factor of 2 in the x dimension and in the y dimension. Non-image data are treated as comments in FlashPix file format. Comments are used to store information pertaining to the image, not actual pixel data. This information may include image title, image subject, camera manufacturer, scan software version number, and so forth. In addition to the image itself, FlashPix files store transform information. This data indicates transformations which may be performed on the source image. By storing the transforms, the source image may be stored in its original state and transformed, using the stored transforms, at your discretion. A stamp, or thumbnail, provides a small bitmap representation of a FlashPix image.

File constants associated with these file formats are:

Constant Read Support Write Support Description
FILE_PCD 8, 24 BPP None [57] Kodak PhotoCD.
FILE_FPX 8, 24 BPP 8, 24 BPP [80] FlashPix, with no compression.
FILE_FPX_SINGLE_COLOR 8, 24 BPP 8, 24 BPP [81] FlashPix, compressed with the single color method.
FILE_FPX_JPEG 8, 24 BPP 8, 24 BPP [82] FlashPix, compressed with JPEG, using the default Q factor.
FILE_FPX_JPEG_QFACTOR 8, 24 BPP 8, 24 BPP [83] FlashPix, compressed with JPEG, using a specified Q factor.

This format does not support LEAD's redirected IO feature, therefore it cannot be used with:

Required DLLs and Libraries

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