Stamp Tool

The stamp annotation object (ANNOBJECT_STAMP) can be a bitmap image, a metafile, or a text string in a rectangular frame. Only one of these three can be displayed at any timesetting the object to one of these destroys any settings for the other two. Initially, the ANNOBJECT_STAMP displays text. In design mode, click and drag to specify a rectangle. Holding down the Shift key while drawing the rectangle will make the stamp annotation square. Then, if a text string is specified, the text is centered in the rectangle. If a bitmap or metafile is specified, the bitmap or metafile is scaled to fit the rectangle.

In design mode, click on the object with the right mouse button to do the following:

On a device that displays 256 colors or less, you should use a fixed palette when displaying bitmaps. Otherwise, a palette shift will occur on stamp objects that contain bitmaps.

For information on flipping, reversing or rotating annotation objects, refer to Flipping, Reversing and Rotating Annotation Objects.

For low-level implementation details, refer to Stamp Annotation Object.

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