The FILEPDFOPTIONS structure provides information about loading PDF, PS, or EPS files in LEADTOOLS.


typedef struct _FILEPDFOPTIONS 
   L_UINT uStructSize; 
   L_BOOL bUseLibFonts; 
   L_INT nDisplayDepth; 
   L_INT nTextAlpha; 
   L_INT nGraphicsAlpha; 
   L_UINT uFlags; 
   L_BOOL bCallbackEnabled; 
   L_VOID* pCallbackUserData; 
   L_TCHAR szOutputFullPath[L_MAXPATH]; 
   L_BOOL bUseImageData; 



Size of the structure. This must be set before passing this structure to any LEADTOOLS functions.

bUseLibFonts *

Flag that indicates whether to use the library installed fonts or system fonts. Possible values are:

Value Meaning
TRUE Use the library installed fonts.
FALSE Use the system fonts.

nDisplayDepth *

Resulting bitmap pixel depth. Possible values are:

Value Meaning
1 1 bit per pixel in the resulting bitmap.
4 4 bits per pixel in the resulting bitmap.
8 8 bits per pixel in the resulting bitmap.
24 24 bits per pixel in the resulting bitmap.

nTextAlpha *

Flag that indicates which type of font anti-aliasing to use. Possible values are:

Value Meaning
1 Do not use font anti-aliasing.
2 Use 2-bit font anti-aliasing.
4 Use 4-bit font anti-aliasing.

nGraphicsAlpha *

Flag that indicates which type of graphics anti-aliasing to use. Possible values are:

Value Meaning
1 Do not use graphics anti-aliasing.
2 Use 2-bit graphics anti-aliasing.
4 Use 4-bit graphics anti-aliasing.


String that contains the user password. This Password is used with encrypted PDF files.

uFlags *

Flags for PDF or PostScript files. Possible values are:

Value Meaning
PDF_DISABLE_CROPPING [0x00000001] Disable cropping for PostScript files.
PDF_DETECT_TEXT_DECORATION [0x00000002] Automatically detect whether lines are text decorations (underline or strikethrough). This is only used for PDF-to-SVG conversion or for operations that use the PDF-to-SVG conversion internally (such as the Document Converter).
PDF_ENHANCE_THIN_LINES [0x00000004] Enhance thin lines.
PDF_DISABLE_CIECOLORS [0x00000010] Disable using CIE colors (both PDF and PostScript files).
PDF_ENABLE_INTERPOLATE [0x00000100] Enable interpolation for PDF files.
PDF_HIDE_NOAP_ANNOTATIONS [0x00010000] (Deprecated.) Hide annotation objects that have no appearance streams. If this flag is not set, all annotation objects will be loaded (both objects which have appearance streams and objects which do not have appearance streams).
PDF_HIDE_ALL_ANNOTATIONS [0x00100000] (Deprecated - Use PDF_HIDE_ANNOTATIONS instead) Hide all annotation objects, both objects which have appearance streams and those which do not have appearance streams.
PDF_HIDE_ANNOTATIONS [0x00100000] Hide annotation objects.
PDF_HIDE_FORMFIELDS [0x00400000] Hide form fields.
PDF_HIDE_DIGITALSIGNATURES [0x00800000] Hide digital signatures.
PDF_DROP_IMAGEOVERTEXT [0x01000000] If the PDF file is ImageOverText, drop the image. See the Image Over Text section below for more details.
PDF_LOAD_CORRUPTED [0x02000000] Enable loading PDF files with corrupted image data without throwing errors.
PDF_USE_PDFENGINE [0x00001000] Use the LtPdfEngine to load PDF files.


Obsolete in Version 17.5.


Obsolete in Version 17.5.


Obsolete in Version 17.5.


Obsolete in Version 17.5.


Obsolete in Version 17.5.


pFILEPDFOPTIONS is a pointer to a FILEPDFOPTIONS structure.

PDF, PS, and EPS files have no physical width or height in pixels. Use RASTERIZEDOCOPTIONS to control how the final document is rendered as a raster image. For more information, refer to RASTERIZEDOCOPTIONS.

Aliasing is the effect on all pixel devices where diagonal and curved lines have a zigzag appearance. As pixels get larger, this effect becomes more noticeable. Anti-aliasing refers to methods designed to decrease or eliminate this effect. This is done by shading the pixels along the borders of the affected lines.

* This option affects the PDF format when PDF_USE_PDFENGINE is set to use LtPdfUtl.dll. It also affects the PostScript format.


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