The FILEXLSOPTIONS structure provides information for loading Microsoft Excel 2003 (XLS) files in LEADTOOLS.


typedef struct _FILEXLSOPTIONS 
   L_UINT uStructSize; 
   L_UINT32 uFlags; 



Size of the structure. This must be set before passing this structure to any LEADTOOLS functions. Use sizeof(FILEXLSOPTIONS) to calculate this value.


Flag that indicates how to render XLS files:

Value Meaning
XLS_FLAGS_MULTIPAGE_SHEET [EXCEL_FLAGS_MULTIPAGE_SHEET] Depending on the current rasterization options set with RASTERIZEDOCOPTIONS, the resulting rendered size of the page can hold more than one sheet. If this flag is set, then as many sheets as possible will be rendered on the same page if the size permits. Otherwise, exactly one sheet per page will be used.
XLS_FLAGS_DISABLE_CELL_CLIPPING [EXCEL_FLAGS_DISABLE_CELL_CLIPPING] If this flag is set, the rendered page width/height chosen by the user will be approximated to nearest cell width/height to avoid clipping Excel document cells. This means the resulting page width/height will be either equal to or more than the specified page width/height, depending on cell dimensions. This flag has no effect unless XLS_FLAGS_MULTIPAGE_SHEET is set.
XLS_FLAGS_MULTIPAGE_USESHEETWIDTH [EXCEL_FLAGS_MULTIPAGE_USESHEETWIDTH] Use the full sheet when rasterizing or converting the sheet.
XLS_FLAGS_PAGEORDER_DOWNTHENOVER [EXCEL_FLAGS_PAGEORDER_DOWNTHENOVER] Cut the sheet into multiple pages by moving from top to bottom first.
XLS_FLAGS_MULTIPAGE_ENABLEMARGINS [EXCEL_FLAGS_MULTIPAGE_ENABLEMARGINS] Consider the margins when rendering a sheet or a page.
XLS_FLAGS_SHOWGRIDLINES [EXCEL_FLAGS_SHOWGRIDLINES] When set, the sheet's grid lines will be rendered.

Notice that if the sheet size is larger than the page size specified by the user, the sheet will be cropped regardless of the setting of this flag.


pFILEXLSOPTIONS is a pointer to a FILEXLSOPTIONS structure.

XLS files have no physical width or height in pixels. Use RASTERIZEDOCOPTIONS to control how the final document is rendered as a raster image.


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