The ANNMOUSEPOS structure contains information about the mouse position and status.


typedef struct _ANNMOUSEPOS 
   L_BOOL fDoubleClick; 
   POINT pt; 
   L_UINT uKeyFlags; 
   L_BOOL fUpdatePos; 



Flag that indicates whether the mouse button has been double clicked. This value is valid only during the LTANNEVENT_LBUTTONDOWN message. Possible values are:

Value Meaning
TRUE The left mouse button has been double clicked.
FALSE The left button has only been clicked once.


A POINT structure that contains the mouse position, in client area coordinates. These coordinates can be changed. If these coordinates are changed, the mouse cursor will be updated only if fUpdatePos is TRUE.


Flags that indicate the combination of keys pressed. Possible values are given below, and may be combined.

Value Meaning
MK_LBUTTON [0x0001] Left mouse button is down.
MK_RBUTTON [0x0002] Right mouse button is down.
MK_SHIFT [0x0004] Shift key is down.
MK_CONTROL [0x0008] Control button is down.
MK_MBUTTON [0x0010] Middle mouse button is down.


Flag that indicates whether to update the mouse cursor with any changes made to pt. Possible values are:

Value Meaning
TRUE Update the mouse cursor with changes to pt.
FALSE Do not update the mouse cursor with changes to pt.


Please note that if you set fUpdatePos to FALSE and change pt during an LTANNEVENT_MOUSEMOVE, you must update the cursor each time a change in pt occurs during LTANNEVENT_MOUSEMOVE. You must also update the cursor at the LTANNEVENT_LBUTTONUP message.

The MK_XXXX values are defined in the Window header files (WINDOWS.H for 16-bit MSVC compilers or WINUSER.H for 32-bit MSVC compilers).

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