LAnnotationWindow: Window vs. Control

To be notified of LAnnotationWindow as Control LAnnotationWindow as Window
MouseDown LBW_LBUTTONDOWN override MsgProcCallBack
MouseUp LBW_LBUTTONUP override MsgProcCallBack
Click LBW_LBUTTONCLICKED override MsgProcCallBack
Double Click LBW_LBUTTONDBLCLK override MsgProcCallBack
MouseMove LBW_MOUSEMOVE override MsgProcCallBack
GotFocus LBW_SETFOCUS override MsgProcCallBack
LostFocus LBW_KILLFOCUS override MsgProcCallBack
KeyDown LBW_KEYDOWN override MsgProcCallBack
KeyUp LBW_KEYUP override MsgProcCallBack
KeyPress LBW_KEYPRESS override MsgProcCallBack
Scroll LBW_SCROLLED override MsgProcCallBack
File Drag/Drop LBW_FILEDRAGDROP override OnFileDropped
BitmapChange LBW_BITMAPCHANGED override StartChanging
override EndChanging
WindowPaint LBW_PAINTED override OnDraw
PaintNotification LBW_PAINTEFFECTS override PaintNotification
PanWindowEvent LBW_PANWINDOW override PanWndCallBack
ZoomInDone LBW_ZOOM override OnZoom
Resize LBW_SIZECHANGED override MsgProcCallBack
AnnSelected LBAW_SELECTED override OnAnnEvent
AnnHyperLink LBAW_HYPERLINK override OnAnnEvent
AnnHyperLinkMenu LBAW_HYPERLINKMENU override OnAnnEvent
AnnChanged LBAW_CHANGED override OnAnnEvent
AnnDestroyed LBAW_DESTROYED override OnAnnEvent
AnnDrawn LBAW_DRAWN override OnAnnEvent
AnnLocked LBAW_LOCKED override OnAnnEvent
AnnUnlocked LBAW_UNLOCKED override OnAnnEvent
AnnClicked LBAW_CLICKED override OnAnnEvent
AnnCreated LBAW_CREATED override OnAnnEvent

For more information, refer to LAnnotationWindow Control Notification Messages:

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