The ANNTEXTTOKEN structure contains information about the tokens for an annotation object.


typedef struct tagANNTEXTTOKEN 
   L_UINT uStructSize; // sizeof this structure 
   L_TCHAR cToken; // character representing the token 
   L_TCHAR *pszDesc; // description of the token 
   L_TCHAR *pszTokenString; // definition of the token 
   ANNTEXTTOKENTYPE nTokenType; // constant defining the type of token 
   L_INT nReserved; // reserved for future use 



Size of this structure. Use sizeof(ANNTEXTTOKEN)


Character representing the token. This can be ANY ASCII character EXCEPT #, because the token ## is reserved to display the # character.


Pointer to a text string that describes the token. This string appears on the text token table menu. For example, the string for token #0 in the default text token table is "Two Digit Month". The text token table menu is displayed by:

  1. Right-clicking on a Button, Note, PushPin, Rubber Stamp, Stamp, Text, or Text Pointer annotation object.
  2. Select Text option in menu that appears.
  3. Click the Insert Token button. A menu for the existing text token table appears, as shown in the following figure:

  4. Select the token to be inserted.


This member is used only if nTokenType is ANNTOKEN_TEXT. If nTokenType is not ANNTOKEN_TEXT, then pszTokenString is ignored. The pszTokenString can be any combination of existing token strings, or any new string.


Identifies the type of token. Must be one of the constants in the following:

Value Meaning
ANNTOKEN_NONE [0] String not treated as a token
ANNTOKEN_SEPARATOR [1] Add a separator to the automation token menu
ANNTOKEN_TEXT [2] A text string
ANNTOKEN_DATE_YYYY [3] Current four digit year
ANNTOKEN_DATE_YY [4] Current two digit year
ANNTOKEN_DATE_MM [5] Two digit representation of current month
ANNTOKEN_DATE_DD [6] Two digit representation of current day
ANNTOKEN_DATE_MONTH_NAME [7] Current month name (i.e. January)
ANNTOKEN_DATE_DAY_OF_WEEK [8] Current day of week (i.e. Monday)
ANNTOKEN_TIME_HH_12 [9] Current hour,using a 12 hour clock
ANNTOKEN_TIME_HH_24 [10] Current hour, using a 24 hour clock
ANNTOKEN_TIME_MM [11] Current minute (00-59)
ANNTOKEN_TIME_SS [12] Current second (00-59)
ANNTOKEN_TIME_MILLISECONDS [13] Current milliseconds (000-999)
ANNTOKEN_AM_PM [14] Time of day indicator (AM or PM)


Reserved for future use. Set this member to 0.


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