This structure is used with the class EnumerateHandles function.


typedef struct tagANNHANDLEINFO 
   L_UINT uStructSize; 
   L_INT nType; 
   L_INT nID; 
   L_INT nIndex; 
   ANNPOINT ptLocationContainer; 
   POINT ptLocationClient; 
   L_BOOL bVisible; 
   COLORREF crPen; 
   COLORREF crFill; 
   L_INT nShape; 
   HCURSOR hCursor; 
   L_INT nTotalHandles; 
   L_INT nReserved; 



Size of this structure. Use sizeof(ANNHANDLEINFO)


Type of handle. Possible values are:

Value Meaning
ANNHANDLETYPE_DEFAULT_HANDLE A default annotation handle.
ANNHANDLETYPE_USER_HANDLE A user-defined annotation handle.
ANNHANDLETYPE_ROTATE_HANDLE A rotate annotation handle.
ANNHANDLETYPE_MULTISELECT_HANDLE A multi-select annotation handle (appears if more than one annotation object is selected)
ANNHANDLETYPE_MULTISELECT_ROTATE_HANDLE A multi-select rotate handle (appears if more than one annotation object is selected)


Unique identifier of the annotation handle. If nType is ANNHANDLETYPE_ROTATE_HANDLE, then nID specifies if this is a center rotate handle (ROTATE_HANDLE_CENTER_ID) or a gripper rotate handle (ROTATE_HANDLE_GRIPPER_ID).


This is the index of the user handle of the privately maintained array of user handles. Use nIndex with ChangeUserHandle or DeleteUserHandle functions of the LAnnAudioClip, LAnnButton, LAnnCrossProduct, LAnnCurve, LAnnCurveClosed, LAnnEllipse, LAnnEncrypt, LAnnFreehand, LAnnFreehandHotSpot, LAnnHilite, LAnnHotSpot, LAnnLine, LAnnNote, LAnnPolygon, LAnnPoint, LAnnPolyline, LAnnPolyRuler, LAnnProtractor, LAnnPointer, LAnnPushPin, LAnnRedact, LAnnRectangle, LAnnRTF, LAnnRuler, LAnnStamp, LAnnText, LAnnTextPointer, LAnnToolBar, LAnnVideo classes. This is only valid if the type of the handle is ANNHANDLETYPE_DEFAULT_HANDLE.


The location of the handle in container coordinates. Container coordinates are typically the same dimensions of the underlying bitmap, and are independent of zooming and scrolling.


The location of the handle in client coordinates. Client coordinates factor in the current zoom factor, and the horizontal and vertical scrolling.


Value that indicates whether the handle is visible. Possible values are:

Value Meaning
TRUE The handle is visible.
FALSE The handle is invisible.


A COLORREF value that represents the color of the pen used to draw the user handle (the outline of the handle).


A COLORREF value that represents the color used to fill the user handle.


A value that indicates the shape of the handle. Possible values are:

Value Meaning
ANNHANDLE_SHAPE_SQUARE The shape of the user handle is square
ANNHANDLE_SHAPE_CIRCLE The shape of the user handle is a circle


Handle to a cursor. This is the cursor that appears when the mouse hovers over the user handle. If this value is zero, then a default cursor will appear.


The total number of annotation object handles. This includes both the default annotation handles and the user-defined annotation handles.


Reserved for future use. Must set this field to zero.


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