Multimedia Objects

ltmmAnalogVideoDecoder Object
ltmmAudioFormat Object
ltmmAudioFormats Object
ltmmAudioInput Object
ltmmAudioInputs Object
ltmmCameraControl Object
ltmmCapture Object
ltmmCaptureInput Object
ltmmCaptureInputs Object
ltmmCaptureSize Object
ltmmCaptureSizes Object
ltmmCaptureSubType Object
ltmmCaptureSubTypes Object
ltmmCompressor Object
ltmmCompressors Object
ltmmConvert Object
ltmmDevice Object
ltmmDevices Object
ltmmDVDAudioStream Object
ltmmDVDChapter Object
ltmmDVDControl Object
ltmmDVDSource Object
ltmmDVDSubpictureStream Object
ltmmDVDTitle Object
ltmmFilterEnum Object
ltmmMediaInfo Object
ltmmMediaSample Object
ltmmMediaType Object
ltmmMemory Object
ltmmMultiStreamSource Object
ltmmMultiStreamTarget Object
ltmmPlay Object
ltmmProcessor Object
ltmmProcessors Object
ltmmRenderer Object
ltmmRenderers Object
ltmmSampleSource Object
ltmmSampleTarget Object
ltmmSupportManager Object
ltmmTargetDevice Object
ltmmTargetDevices Object
ltmmTargetFormat Object
ltmmTargetFormats Object
ltmmTVTuner Object
ltmmVCRControl Object
ltmmVideoFormat Object
ltmmVideoFormats Object
ltmmVideoProcAmp Object
ltmmWMMutualExclusion Object
ltmmWMProfile Object
ltmmWMProfileManager Object
ltmmWMScript Object
ltmmWMStreamConfig Object
Using the ltmmCapture Object
Using the ltmmConvert Object
Using the ltmmPlay Object
Using the ltmmSampleSource Object
Using the ltmmSampleTarget Object
Implementing the IltmmObjectWrapper In a Custom Object
Creating Custom Source and Target Objects
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LEADTOOLS Multimedia C API Help

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