typedef struct _tagVIGNETTEINFO 
   L_UINT uStructSize; 
   POINT ptCenter; 
   L_INT nFading; 
   L_UINT uFadingRate; 
   L_UINT uWidth; 
   L_UINT uHeight; 
   COLORREF crVigColor; 
   L_UINT uFlags; 

The VIGNETTEINFO structure provides the information needed for the LBitmap::Vignette Function.

Member Description
uStructSize Size of this structure, in bytes. Use the sizeof operator to calculate this value.
ptCenter Center point for all vignette objects (circle, ellipse, rectangle, and square).
nFading Percent of feathering in towards or outward from the vignette object. Negative values mean that the feathering will start outside the boundaries of the object and increase toward the object. Positive values mean that the feathering will start on the boundaries of the object and increase away from the object. Possible values range from -100 to 100.
uFadingRate Value that indicates the fading rate. This value is used to controlling the fading process. It will be divided by 100 internally. The valid range is from 0 to 100.
uWidth Value that indicates the dimension of the vignette object in pixels.
  Vignette Shape uWidth Indication
  Square Square width
  Rectangle Rectangle width
  Circle Circle radius
  Ellipse Ellipse width
uHeight Value that indicates the height in pixels of the vignette ellipse or rectangle objects. This parameter is ignored if the VIG_CIRCLE or VIG_SQUARE is selected.
crVigColor The COLORREF value that specifies the vignette object color. You can specify a COLORREF value, such as the return value of the Windows RGB macro, or you can use the PALETTEINDEX macro to specify a palette color.
uFlags Flags that indicate the shape of the vignette object, and the feathering direction.
  The following flags indicate which vignette shape to use:
  Value Meaning
  VIG_SQUARE [0x0000] Make the vignette shape a square.
  VIG_RECTANGLE [0x0001] Make the vignette shape a rectangle.
  VIG_CIRCLE [0x0002] Make the vignette shape a circle.
  VIG_ELLIPSE [0x0003] Make the vignette shape an ellipse.
  The following flags indicate how to use the fill color:
  Value Meaning
  VIG_FILLIN [0x0000] Use crVigColor to fill the inside of the vignette object.
  VIG_FILLOUT [0x0010] Use crVigColor as the fill color for the outside of the vignette object.
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