Print a Real Image Size in Inches


Define the following global variables:

LBitmapBase BitmapBase; // bitmap   
L_FLOAT fRealWidth; // Image's real width in inches   
L_FLOAT fRealHeight; // Image's real height in inches   
L_FLOAT fPrnDPIX; // Number of pixels per logical inch along the screen width   
L_FLOAT fPrnDPIY; // Number of pixels per logical inch along the screen height 


Load the image in a LEAD bitmap:

BitmapBase.Load(TEXT("C:\\IMAGE1.CMP"), 0, ORDER_BGR, NULL, NULL); 


Calculate the real width and height of the bitmap in inches:

fRealWidth = (L_FLOAT)BitmapBase.GetWidth() / (L_FLOAT)BitmapBase.GetXResolution();   
fRealHeight = (L_FLOAT)BitmapBase.GetHeight() / (L_FLOAT)BitmapBase.GetYResolution(); 


Get the printer's device context:

HDC hdcPrinter = NULL; // Printer device context   
LPrint LeadPrint(&BitmapBase); // LEAD Print   
hdcPrinter = LeadPrint.GetPrinterDC(); 


Get the width and height DPI:

fPrnDPIX = (L_FLOAT)GetDeviceCaps(hdcPrinter, LOGPIXELSX);   
fPrnDPIY = (L_FLOAT)GetDeviceCaps(hdcPrinter, LOGPIXELSY); 


Now you are ready to print the image with real size in inches:

if(LeadPrint.IsValid() && hdcPrinter)   
   LeadPrint.Print(hdcPrinter, 1, 1, (L_INT)(fRealWidth * fPrnDPIX), (L_INT)(fRealHeight * fPrnDPIX)); 

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