#include "ltwrappr.h"

virtual L_INT LFile::GetCommentSize(uType, puSize, pLoadFileOption=NULL)

L_UINT uType;

type of comment

L_UINT * puSize;

pointer to a variable to be updated


pointer to optional extended load options

Gets the size, in bytes, of the requested comments.




The type of comment. Refer to Types of File Comments. A group of comments may be obtained such as CMNT_FPXSUMMARYINFORMATION, or more than one group of comments may be retrieved by using OR as in CMNT_FPXSUMMARYINFORMATION | CMNT_FPXFILESOURCEGROUP, or all comments may be obtained by using CMNT_ALL. See "Example" under LFile::ReadComment. For more information concerning FlashPix file comments,see FlashPix File Comments.


Pointer to a variable to be updated with the size of the comments requested, in bytes.


Pointer to optional extended load options. Pass NULL to use the default load options.



The function was successful.

< 1

An error occurred. Refer to Return Codes.


Presently this function only works with FlashPix files.

To write comments to a file, all the comments you wish to add to a file must be set using LFileSettings::SetComment. LFileSettings::SetComment sets each comment individually, but it does not save the comments to the file, it prepares the values for the next save. Once all comments are set, the comments are saved using any function which saves files, such as LFile::SaveFile or LFile::Save when creating a new file. If you wish to change a comment in an existing file, use LFile::WriteComment.

The basic order of function calls for reading comments is as follows:

Get the size of the comments with LFile::GetCommentSize

Allocate a buffer of a corresponding size.

Read the comments with LFile::ReadComment

Free the buffer

Required DLLs and Libraries

File format DLLs

For a listing of the exact DLLs and Libraries needed, based on the toolkit version, refer to Files To Be Included With Your Application.


Win32, x64.

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