#include "ltwrappr.h"

static L_UINT32 LBase::LoadLibraries (uLibraries, uSubLibraries = LT_ALL_DLG)

L_UINT32 uLibraries;

flag that indicates which libraries to load

L_UINT32 uSubLibraries;

flag that indicates which sub libraries to load

Loads a specific set of the LEADTOOLS library DLLs at run-time.

Parameter Description
uLibraries Flag that indicates which LEADTOOLS library DLLs to load. Possible values are given below, and may be combined.
  Value Meaning
  LT_KRN load the ltkrn??u.dll for Win32 or ltkrnxx?.dll for X64.
  LT_DIS load the ltdis??u.dll for Win32 or ltdisxx?.dll for X64.
  LT_FIL load the ltfil??u.dll for Win32 or ltfilxx?.dll for X64.
  LT_IMG load the ltimg??u.dll for Win32 or ltimgxx?.dll for X64.
  LT_EFX load the ltefx??u.dll for Win32 or ltefxxx?.dll for X64.
  LT_DLG load the ltdlg??u.dll for Win32 or ltdlgxx?.dll for X64.
  LT_TWN load the lttwn??u.dll for Win32 or lttwnxx?.dll for X64.
  LT_SCR load the ltscr??u.dll for Win32 or ltscrxx?.dll for X64.
  LT_ANN load the ltann??u.dll for Win32 or ltannxx?.dll for X64.
  LT_NET load the ltnet??u.dll for Win32 or ltnetxx?.dll for X64.
  LV_KRN load the lvkrn??u.dll for Win32 or lvkrnxx?.dll for X64.
  LV_DLG load the lvdlg??u.dll for Win32 or lvdlgxx?.dll for X64.
  LT_TMB load the lttmb??u.dll for Win32 or lttmbxx?.dll for X64.
  LT_LST load the ltlst??u.dll for Win32 or ltlstxx?.dll for X64.
  LT_BAR load the ltbar??u.dll for Win32 or ltbarxx?.dll for X64.
  LT_ZMV load the ltzmv??u.dll for Win32 or ltzmvxx?.dll for X64.
  LT_IMGOPT load the ltimgopt??u.dll for Win32 or ltimgoptxx?.dll for X64.
  LT_ALL_LEADLIB load all available LEADTOOLS libraries
  These values can be combined using the bitwise OR operator ( | ).
uSubLibraries Flag that indicates which LEADTOOLS dialog library DLLs to load, this value is only valid if uLibraries contains LT_DLG. Possible values are given below, and may be combined.
  Value Meaning
  LT_DLGIMGEFX load the ltdlgimgefx??u.dll for Win32 or ltdlgimgefxxx?.dll for X64.
  LT_DLGEFX load the ltdlgefx??u.dll for Win32 or ltdlgefxxx?.dll for X64.
  LT_DLGFILE load the ltdlgfile??u.dll for Win32 or ltdlgfilexx?.dll for X64.
  LT_DLGIMG load the ltdlgimg??u.dll for Win32 or ltdlgimgxx?.dll for X64.
  LT_DLGIMGDOC load the ltdlgimgdoc??u.dll for Win32 or ltdlgimgdocxx?.dll for X64.
  LT_DLGCLR load the ltdlgclr??u.dll for Win32 or ltdlgclrxx?.dll for X64.
  LT_DLGKRN load the ltdlgkrn??u.dll for Win32 or ltdlgkrnxx?.dll for X64.
  LT_DLGWEB load the ltdlgweb??u.dll for Win32 or ltdlgwebxx?.dll for X64.
  LT_ALL_DLG load all available LEADTOOLS dialogs libraries
  These values can be combined using the bitwise OR operator ( | ).


An L_UINT32 value representing the LEADTOOLS libraries that were loaded successfully. This can be any combination of the constants described above.


Call this function to load a specific set of the LEADTOOLS library DLLs at run-time. The specified constants will determine which libraries you want to load. If the library is already loaded then this function will not load it again. You can use this function to minimize the memory footprint of your program by loading and unloading the libraries you need when necessary.

Note: if you use LT_DLG in the uLibraries parameter without passing any flag in uSubLibraries, all LEAD dialogs will be loaded by default.

Call this function (LBase::LoadLibraries(LT_KRN) before calling LSettings::SetLicenseFile or LSettings::SetLicenseBuffer.

Required DLLs and Libraries


For a listing of the exact DLLs and Libraries needed, based on the toolkit version, refer to Files To Be Included With Your Application.


Win32, x64.

See Also


LBase::UnloadLibraries, LBase::GetLoadedLibraries, Class Members


The following code will load the LEADTOOLS library for the TWAIN scanner driver (assuming that ltkrnXXn.dll is already loaded), and scan an image to a bitmap:

L_INT LBase__LoadLibrariesExample() 
   LTwain MyTWAIN; 
   LBitmapBase MyBitmap; 
   if(LBase::LoadLibraries(LT_TWN)& LT_TWN) 
      MyTWAIN.Acquire  ((LBitmap*)NULL,0,0,NULL); 
   return SUCCESS; 

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