typedef struct _TABLEZONE 
   PRECT pCells; 
   L_UINT Rows; 
   L_UINT Columns; 
   L_UINT nCellsCount; 
   L_UINT* puCellTypes; 
   L_INT* InsideCellsNumber; 
   L_RECT** ppInsideRects; 
   L_RECT* pBoundsToDraw; 

The TABLEZONE structure provides information about table zone.

Member Description
pCells Array of rectangles which represent the table cells.
Rows Number of table's rows.
Columns Number of table's columns.
nCellsCount Number of cells in the table.
puCellTypes Array of lead zone type, where the vakues could be LEAD_ZONE_TYPE_TEXT or LEAD_ZONE_TYPE_GRAPHIC.
InsideCellsNumber Array of interger that represents the number of cells inside parent cells.
ppInsideRects Array of RECT that represents the position and dimension of cells inside parent cells.
pBoundsToDraw Represents an aligned table cells to be drawn.


To get the number of cells in the array pCell, multiply Rows by Columns.

This structure is used in casting LEADZONE.pZoneData when zone type is table.

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