typedef struct tagANNSMARTDISTANCE 
   L_UINT uStructSize; // sizeof(ANNSMARTDISTANCE) 
   L_DOUBLE dDistance; // distance in units 
   L_UINT uRulerUnit; // One of the ANNUNIT_XXXX constants 
   L_UINT uSmartUnit; // One of the ANNUNIT_XXXX constants 

The ANNSMARTDISTANCE contains information about the unit to be used for a ruler.

Member Description
uStructSize Size of this structure. Use sizeof(ANNSMARTDISTANCE)
dDistance Distance in appropriate units. The field uSmartUnit identifies the unit.
uRulerUnit Value that specifies the type of measurement. Can be any one of the following constants:
  Value Meaning
  ANNUNIT_INCHES [0] Inches.
  ANNUNIT_FEET [1] Feet.
  ANNUNIT_YARDS [2] Yards.
  ANNUNIT_MICROMETERS [3] Micrometers.
  ANNUNIT_MILLIMETERS [4] Millimeters.
  ANNUNIT_CENTIMETERS [5] Centimeters.
  ANNUNIT_METERS [6] Meters.
  ANNUNIT_TWIPS [7] Twips.
  ANNUNIT_POINTS [8] Points.
  ANNUNIT_PIXELS [9] Pixels.
  ANNUNIT_SMART_METRIC [10] Smart Metric.
  ANNUNIT_SMART_ENGLISH [11] Smart English.
  If uRulerUnit is ANNUNIT_SMART_METRIC or ANNUNIT_SMART_ENGLISH, then the actual units can be found in the uSmartUnit member. If uRulerUnit is not one ANNUNIT_SMART_METRIC or ANNUNIT_SMART_ENGLISH, then uRulerUnit contains the unit constant.
uSmartUnit Value that specifies the base unit of measure. Always contains the unit constant. This can be any of the ANNUNIT_XXX constants EXCEPT ANNUNIT_SMART_METRIC or ANNUNIT_SMART_ENGLISH.


A "smart unit" is a unit that can be automatically promoted to the next higher unit. For example, suppose you have a ruler that is 13 inches long. If the units of the ruler are ANNUNIT_INCHES, then the length is 13. However, if the units of the ruler are ANNUNIT_SMART_ENGLISH, then the length of the ruler is automatically promoted to feet. The length in this case would be 1.0833 feet.

For more information, see the documentation for LAnnPolyRuler::GetDistance2.

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