typedef struct _FILEPLTOPTIONS 
   L_UINT uStructSize; 
   L_INT PenWidth[8]; 
   L_COLORREF PenColor[8]; 
   L_BOOL bPenColorOverride; 

The FILEPLTOPTIONS structure provides information on loading HPGL files in LEADTOOLS.

The following functions make use of this structure:



Member Description
uStructSize Size of the structure. This must be set before passing this structure to the LEAD functions. Use sizeof(FILEPLTOPTIONS).
PenWidth Array of integers that represent pen widths used by an HPGL file.
PenColor Array of L_COLORREF structures that represent pen colors used by a HPGL file.
bPenColorOverride Flag that indicates whether to enable or disable PLT commands that allow overriding pen colors provided by PenColor member.  Possible values are:
  Value Meaning
  TRUE Enables PLT commands.
  FALSE Disables PLT commands. This is the default value.


pFILEPLTOPTIONS is a pointer to a FILEPLTOPTIONS structure.

Use LFileSettings::SetPLTOptions and LFileSettings::GetPLTOptions to set and get the HPGL file options.

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