Annotation Objects - Automated Features:

When working with automated annotations, you have the option of using automated pop-up menus when you right click in design mode. These menus allow you to set certain properties of the annotation object. The following topics describe the automated annotation features for particular objects and tools:

User Interface for Container and Automation Objects

Selection Pointer Tool

Line Tool

Rectangle Tool

Ellipse Tool

Polyline Tool

Polygon Tool

Pointer Tool

Freehand Line Tool

Highlight Tool

Redaction Tool

Text Tool

Note Tool

Stamp Tool

Hot spot Tool

Button Tool

Audio Clip Tool

Ruler Tool

Video Tool

PushPin Tool

Protractor Tool

Cross product Tool

Freehand Hot Spot Tool

Point Tool

Rubber Stamp Tool

Curve Tool

Closed Curve Tool

RTF Tool

PolyRuler Tool

Encrypt Tool

Text Pointer Tool

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