LTIMAGELISTCLASS Registered Class: Styles

The following are LEAD ImageList Control styles:

Window Style



This style must be used to make the ImageList Control an "Owner Draw" control. This style can be added when creating the ImageList control, using the LImageListControl::CreateControl function, or after it has been created by calling the Windows SetWindowLong function. When the ImageList Control is set to be "Owner Draw", then the parent window is responsible for drawing the contents of the control by processing L_ILM_DRAWITEM messages.


This style can be used to indicate that images that are smaller than the size of an ImageList Item will be zoomed to fit the ImageList Item. By default, images that are smaller than an ImageList Item are displayed at their natural dimensions.


This style can be used to indicate that images should be centered vertically in an ImageList Item.


This style can be used to indicate that images for ImageList Items are kept compressed in memory (to reduce memory usage).


This style can be used to indicate that the ImageList Control can handle WM_DROPFILES messages. This allows users to add items to the ImageList Control by dragging and dropping supported image files from Explorer.

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