Programming with JPX Features

JPX is a wavelet-based image compression standard that defines the JPX file format and is part of the JPEG 2000 standard.  It uses a hierarchical format to store several resolutions of the image in the same file without duplication. Consequently, a JPX compressed image can be sent to a device in the best resolution for that device, without requiring additional overhead storage. The standardized filename extension for the format is .jpx (JPEG 2000 Part2, conforming to standard  ISO/IEC 15444-2).

In comparison to the standard JPEG format, the JPX file format provides greater flexibility and better image quality, especially at the higher compressions.

JPX (JPEG 2000 Part 2) Features

The JPX (JPEG 2000 Part 2) file format is especially useful for document, medical, and satellite imagery archiving systems .  All LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro, Document Imaging, and Medical Imaging toolkits can read/parse JPX files.  LEADTOOLS Document and Medical Imaging toolkits also add support for writing JPX files and manipulating JPX boxes, frames, GML Data, and other advanced JPX features. JPX support enables you to:

The L_JP2_FILEINFO structure provides information about JPEG 2000 file contents. The L_JP2_XML_BOX structure provides information for an XML box. For a complete listing of functions that control, read, and manipulate box contents, see Raster Image Functions: Working with JPEG 2000. To determine the current settings for these features, use the LFileSettings::GetJ2KOptions function. To change these features, use the LFileSettings::SetJ2kOptions function.

LEADTOOLS JPX supports ANSI and UNICODE development in separate libraries. For information about the required .DLL file name and import library, please refer to Files To Be Included With Your Application.

Medical Toolkits

The Medical toolkits offer some additional, special functions. To determine the current settings for JPEG 2000 features, use the LDicomDS::GetJ2KOptions function. To change JPEG 2000 features, use the and functions. To get the default settings for JPEG2000 features, use the function.

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