typedef struct _VECTOROPTIONS 
   L_UINT uStructSize; 
   VEC2DOPTIONS Vec2DOptions; 
   L_INT nBitsPerPixel; 
   L_BOOL bForceBackgroundColor; 
   L_COLORREF BackgroundColor; 

The VECTOROPTIONS structure specifies extra options for loading a vector file.




Size of the structure. This must be set before passing this structure to the LEAD functions. Use the sizeof() macro to calculate this value.


Contains values that describe the viewport (physical size up to which the drawing can be rendered) mode and dimensions at which the vector file will be loaded.  For more information, refer to the VEC2DOPTIONS structure.


Number of bits per pixel at which the vector file will be rasterized.


TRUE if the BackgroundColor field is used as vector background, else it will use the defined background color for the loaded vector file. The default is FALSE.


Vector background color.


pVECTOROPTIONS is a pointer to a VECTOROPTIONS structure. Where the function parameter type is pVECTOROPTIONS, you can declare a VECTOROPTIONS variable, update the structure's fields, and pass the variable's address in the parameter. Declaring a pVECTOROPTIONS variable is necessary only if your program requires a pointer.

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