Using LEADTOOLS with Your C++ Compiler

For Microsoft C, include the library (.LIB) files that LEADTOOLS supplies in order to call LEADTOOLS functions. For a summary of the library files, refer to Files To Be Included With Your Application. For the library files required by a particular function, refer to the function description.

For other compilers, you may need to generate a .LIB file from a DLL. For example, use the IMPLIB.EXE program with Borland C, versions 3.x and 4.x. Check the Treat enum types as ints checkbox found in the Project->Options->Compiler tab, and add FOR_BORLAND to the conditional defines found in the Project->Directories/Conditionals tab.

On WIN32 systems, you should also specify alignment on a 1-byte boundary.

The make files for the example programs are different for different editions of LEADTOOLS, as follows:

To use the LEADTOOLS C++ Class Library, perform the following steps:


Link your application to the LIB file for the class library which is LTWVC_u.lib for MSVC compilers and LTWEN_BC.LIB for Borland compilers.


At the start of your application load the desired set of LEAD libraries by calling:

LBase::LoadLibraries(L_UINT32 uLibrary); with flags indicating which libraries to load. For example to load LEAD LTKRNu.dll library: 

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