typedef struct _SEARCHMARKS 
   L_UINT uStructSize; 
   L_UINT uType; 
   L_UINT uWidth; 
   L_UINT uHeight; 
   L_UINT uMinScale; 
   L_UINT uMaxScale; 
   RECT rcRect; 
   L_UINT uSearchMarkCount; 
   POINT * pMarkDetectedPoints; 
   L_UINT uMarkDetectedCount; 

The SEARCHMARKS structure provides registration marks search information to the LBitmap::SearchRegMarks function. The LBitmap::SearchRegMarks function also stores information in this structure about the registration marks that it finds.

Member Description
uStructSize Size of this structure.
uType Registration mark type. Possible value is:
  Value Meaning
  RGS_T [0x0000] T-shape registration mark.
  Currently, only one registration mark is defined (T-shape).
uWidth Registration mark width, in pixels.
uHeight Registration mark height, in pixels.
uMinScale Minimum registration mark scale to be detected. This is a percentage. It must not exceed uMaxScale.
uMaxScale Maximum registration mark scale to be detected. This is a percentage. It must not be lower than uMinScale.
rcRect The area to be searched for registration marks (in pixels).
uSearchMarkCount Number of registration marks expected inside the search area.
pMarkDetectedPoints Pointer to an array which will be filled with the location points of the detected registration marks. LBitmap::SearchRegMarks will fill the first uMarkDetectedCount elements in this array.
uMarkDetectedCount Number of detected registration marks inside the search area. This variable will be updated by LBitmap::SearchRegMarks function. This tells how many elements of the pMarkDetectedPoints array will be filled.
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