Highlight Annotation Object

The Highlight annotation object (ANNOBJECT_HILITE) is a rectangle with default properties that are appropriate for highlighting an area. With the automated functions, the user clicks and drags to specify the rectangle in the current window.

The class for Highlight Annotation objects is LAnnHilite.

For information on flipping, reversing or rotating annotation objects, refer to Flipping, Reversing and Rotating Annotation Objects.

With low-level functions, you must specify the defining rectangle. Other applicable properties have the following defaults, which you can change:


Defaults to FALSE. It can be changed using the LAnnotation::SetVisible function.


Defaults to FALSE. It can be changed using the LAnnotation::SetSelected function.


Defaults to an empty string. It can be changed using the LAnnotation::SetNameOptions function.

Background color

Defaults to Yellow RGB (255, 255, 0) It can be changed using the LAnnHilite::SetBackColor function.

Fixed State

Defaults to not fixed. It can be changed using the LAnnXXX::SetFixed function.


Defaults to ANNLINK_NONE. It can be changed using the LAnnotation::SetHyperlink function.

Tag (identifier)

Defaults to 0. It can be changed using the LAnnotation::SetTag function.

Window handle

Defaults to NULL or the handle inherited from the container.

User mode

Defaults to design mode or the mode inherited from the container.

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