Personal Storage Tables, Messages and Emails (PST/MSG/EML)

PST file format is used to store copies of messages, calendar events and other data items within Microsoft Software such as MS Outlook. In Microsoft Exchange Server , messages are stored on the server, Microsoft Outlook stores these messages and data items in a (.pst files) that are located on the local computer to maintain offline availability of the items. At the logical level, a .pst file has three layers: the Node Database (NDB) layer, the Lists, Tables, and Properties (LTP) layer, and the Messaging layer.these layers defines data and controls that are used to allow the mail client reach message in the folder with correct information. For more information, refer to

MSG file format is used to for MS Outlook messages when saved as files of disk. (.msg) file is a Compound Binary Files (CFBF) , that is used to store numerous files and streams within a single file on disk. It's partitioned in sections which are chained using File-Allocation-Table (FAT) system which contains Chains of sectors related to each other and a Directory that holds information for contained files with s Sector ID for the starting sector of a chain and so on. For more information, refer to

EML file format is a MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) file format that defines a mechanism of sending information in email. The information includes text in languages other than English using character encoding other than ASCII, and 8-bit binary content such as files containing images, sounds and movies in one single file. Eml file is a multipart file containing the message body itself and any attached images(base64 encoded) or attachments 'inline' with text. Other extension for the EML files is the (.mht) used to open this email message file with internet browsers. For more information, refer to

LEADTOOLS supports loading only for this format.

This format is available in selected LEADTOOLS products.

The default extensions used by this format are: .pst, .msg, .eml, and .mht.

File constants associated with this file format are:

Constant Read Support Write Support Description
FILE_PST 24 BPP N/A [385] MS Outlook Personal Storage Tables (PST)
FILE_MSG 24 BPP N/A [386] MS Outlookd message (MSG)
FILE_EML 24 BPP N/A [387] Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (EML)

Required DLL: LFPST, LFRTF, LFHTM, LFTXT, LFCMP, LFGIF, LFPNG. For a listing of the exact DLLs needed, based on the toolkit version, refer to Files To Be Included With Your Application.

Related Formats: RTF - Rich Text Format, HTM – Hypertext Markup Language


Win32, x64.

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