WPF AnnPolyRulerObject

Note: This topic is for Document/Medical only. The polyruler annotation object (AnnPolyRulerObject) is an array of points that creates a sequence of joined rulers. The polyruler can be used to measure the distance of an irregularly shaped object. Programmatically, the boundaries and location of the polyruler object can be controlled using the following properties:

The AnnPolyRulerObject class inherits a number of properties from the AnnObject class that provide support for font, pen and brush characteristics. These properties are listed below:

The name of the polyruler object can be controlled using the following properties, inherited from the AnnObject class:

The following properties may be used in transforming a polyruler annotation object:

The AnnPolyRulerObject class implements the IAnnRuler interface. This interface provides a number of ruler properties that control certain aspects of the rulers themselves and indicate which characteristics will be displayed on the ruler. These properties are listed below:

An object can be part of a group annotation object or part of a container object. It cannot be part of both a group and a container at the same time. The following properties can also be used to programmatically set characteristics of an AnnPolyRulerObject class object:

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