Image Optimization Using the ImageOptimizer Class

LEADTOOLS provides functionality to optimize certain images file formats, by saving images using the optimal bits per pixel, based on specific optimization options. Image optimization is a balance between image quality and file size. The goal of image optimization is to shrink an image file's size as much as possible while maintaining maximum image quality. Smaller file size decreases web page load times and reduces the amount of storage space required for images. For more information about the file formats that can be optimized, refer to LEAD Image Optimization Supported Formats.

To optimize an image buffer in memory use the ImageOptimizer.OptimizeBuffer command.

To optimize an entire directory of images and save the optimized images to another directory, use the ImageOptimizer.OptimizeDirectory command.

Both ImageOptimizer.OptimizeBuffer and ImageOptimizer.OptimizeDirectory require that the user fill in certain optimization options. For more information, refer to Leadtools.ImageOptimization.ImageOptimizerOptions and Leadtools.ImageOptimization Namespace.

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