Creating a new External Store Add in Tutorial Introduction

For LEADTOOLS version 19, external store (cloud storage) support has been added to the LEAD end-user quality LEAD Medical Storage Server (CSStorageServerManagerDemo.exe).  The external store support is implemented as an add-in to the storage server.  LEAD is shipping three external store add-ins (Atmos Cloud, Microsoft Azure, LEAD Sample).  If you are not already familiar with the external store feature, see the External Store Feature for CSStorageServerManagerDemo.exe. 

The external store support allows LEAD Medical Storage Server to store/retrieve/update/delete DICOM datasets externally.  This can be any external store, including a cloud service. 

This tutorial shows how a LEAD toolkit user can easily create their own external store addin.  For simplicity, the tutorial external store will be a local/network path.  The full source code for the tutorial is provided in the setup in the location below.  So as not to conflict with the existing external store add-in, the tutorial external store add-in has minor differences (a different GUID, member names use tutorial instead of sample).  This means that both this Tutorial External Store Add-in (Leadtools.Medical.ExternalStore.Tutorial.Addin.dll ) and the LEAD Sample External Store Add-in (Leadtools.Medical.ExternalStore.Sample.Addin.dll) can both be used at the same time in the  LEAD Medical Storage Server  -- just copy both to the addins folder. 

            LEAD15\dist\Examples\PACSFramework\CS\Sample AddIns\Leadtools.Medical.ExternalStore.Sample.Addin  


An external store add-in consists of the following components:

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