LEADTOOLS OCR Arabic Engine Settings

The IOcrSettingManager.GetSettingNames method returns the names of the values as described in this table and in the same order.

The following table describes the settings supported by the LEADTOOLS OCR Arabic Engine:

Name Type Range and values Description
Recognition BeginCategory N/A Beginning of the Recognition Settings category
Recognition.Zoning BeginCategory N/A Beginning of the Zoning Settings category.
Recognition.Zoning.DisableMultiThreading Boolean N/A

true to disable multi-threading when performing auto-zoning; otherwise, false (multi-threading is enabled). The default value is true.

Multi-threading enhances the performance of the auto-zoning algorithm. However, it can be undesirable if the OCR engine is hosted on a server.

End:Recognition.Zoning EndCategory N/A End of the Zoning Settings category
End:Recognition EndCategory N/A End of the Recognition Settings category.


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