Leadtools CCOW Assembly Changes


Version Changes: 18 to 19

New Members

The following members have been added:

Name Description
Leadtools.Ccow.BindUtils - Binding Utility methods used in a CCOW implementation.
Leadtools.Ccow.Constants.#ctor Initializes a new instance of this class.
Leadtools.Ccow.Constants.WebPassCodeNames Property names for implementation of passcode web secure binding.
Leadtools.Ccow.Constants.WebPassCodeValues Property values for implementation of passcode web secure binding.
Leadtools.Ccow.Properties.Resources.UnableToLocate CCOW context manager error: Attempt to the context management registry could not locate the specified component instance.
Leadtools.Ccow.Utils.RegisterAppUrl(string) Register the Application Url.
Leadtools.Ccow.Utils.UnregisterAppUrl(string) Unregister the Application Url.
Leadtools.Ccow.Web.ICcowServiceLocator - Used by all CCOW objects to send the data to the service.
Leadtools.Ccow.Web.IListenerRegistrar - Enables the context manager to maintain a list of client URLs for notifying web pages about committed context change transactions.
Leadtools.Ccow.Web.IWebContextManager - Enables a context participant to join and leave a common web context session, and perform context change transactions.
Leadtools.Ccow.Web.IWebContextSession - Enables a web context manager to be informed that it represents the active session for a point-of-use device.
Leadtools.Ccow.Web.WebContextAgent - Enables using a web context agent to be notified about context changes.
Leadtools.Ccow.Web.WebContextParticipant - Enables a web context participant to be notified about context changes that it did not initiate.

Removed Members

The following members have been removed:

Name Description
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.AcceptNotPossible Attempt to publish an "accept" decision but there were participants for which it was not possible to obtain a survey response (e.g., these participants are blocked).
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.ActionNotAllowed Application attempts to set items other than for the context action to be performed.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.ActionNotPossible There is presently a context change transaction in progress or another action is being performed.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.AlreadyJoined The application has already joined the context.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.AuthenticationFailed A signature could not be authenticated.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.BadItemNameFormat An item name does not conform to format rules.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.BadItemType An item date type does not conform to data definition for the item.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.BadItemValue An item value does not conform to the allowed set of values as defined by the data definition for the item.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.BadPropertyType A property data type does not conform to specification.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.BadPropertyValue A property data value does not conform to specification.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.BindingRejected The identity of a bindee could not be verified.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.ChangesNotAllowed Mapping agent attempts to set or delete a context data item that has been set by the participant that instigated the transaction.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.ChangesNotEnded Attempt to publish context changes before ending the context change transaction.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.ChangesNotPossible Attempt to set or delete context data after the transaction ended.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.ContextNotActive A context manager does not represent an active session.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.E_INVALIDARG One of the arguments passed in was invalid.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.E_OUTOFMEMORY A memory allocation attempt failed.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.FilterNotSet Application attempts to get the names of subjects that are being filtered on its behalf, but a filter has not been set by the application.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.GeneralFailure An error was detected or a failure occurred.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.ImproperKeyFormat A public key is not properly formatted.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.ImproperMACFormat A message authentication code is not properly formatted.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.ImproperSignatureFormat A digital signature code is not property formatted.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.InvalidContextCoupon A context coupon does not match most recently commited coupon transaction.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.InvalidTransaction A transaction has been invalidated and aborted because it violates one or more semantic integrity constraints.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.LogonNotFound The desired user logon is not found in the authentication repository.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.NameValueCountMismatch A name array and its corresponding value array do not have the same number of elements.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.NotImplemented Method not implemented.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.NotInTransaction Attempt to perform a context management transaction method when a transaction is not in progress.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.S_FALSE Completed without error, but only partial results were obtained.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.S_OK Successful completion.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.SignatureRequired A signature is required to perform the method.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.TooManyParticipants Attempt to join a context that can't accommodate another participant.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.TransactionInProgress Attempt to perform a context management method when a transaction is in progress.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.UknownPropertyName A property name is not known.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.UndoNotPossible Attempt to undo context changes after the transaction has ended.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.UnknownApplication An application name is not known.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.UnknownBindee A security binding coupon does not denote a known bindee.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.UnknownConnection A connection is not know to the authentication repository.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.UnknownDataFormat The format of user logon is not found in the authentication repository.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.UnknownItemName An item name not known.
Leadtools.Ccow.HResult.UnknownParticipant Participant coupon does not denote a know participant.
Leadtools.Ccow.UI.ProblemDialog.components Required designer variable.
Leadtools.Ccow.UI.ProblemDialog.InitializeComponent Required method for Designer support - do not modify the contents of this method with the code editor.

Version Changes: 17.5 to 18

New Members

The following members have been added to the existing types:

Member Description
There are no new members added since last revision. None

For more information, refer to New in 18.


Version Changes: 17 to 17.5

New Types

The following Types have been added in LEADTOOLS For .NET v17.5:

Type Description
Leadtools.Ccow.Properties.Resources A strongly-typed resource class, for looking up localized strings, etc.

Version Changes: 16.5 to 17

New Assembly

The following assembly has been added to LEADTOOLS For .NET v17:

Namespace Description
**Leadtools.Ccow** Includes classes, structures and enumerations for linking and synchronizing independent applications, based on subjects of interest.
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