Implementing GIF Features

The following features are implemented when loading and saving GIF files:

File Comments

You can get and set comments in GIF files using the RasterCodecs.ReadComment and RasterCodecs.WriteComment methods. In these methods, only the RasterCommentMetadataType.Description type of comment is supported.

In a multipage file, these methods reference the last comment encountered before the page specified by the CodecsLoadOptions class

Interlaced Files

With an interlaced file, a paint-while-load operation displays the full size of the image as quickly as possible, and then fills in the missing rows. For an example of the paint-while-load code, refer to the RasterCodecs.Compress method.

To save a GIF file as an interlaced file, use the CodecsSaveOptions class to set the Interlaced property before saving the file.

Embedded Text If plain text is embedded in a GIF file, LEADTOOLS rasterizes the text when loading the file, making the text part of the image.

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