OCR Advantage Runtime Files

Note: The LEADTOOLS toolkit installation may not include all the files listed in this topic. All the additional files can be obtained by downloading the LEADTOOLS OCR components setup from the following address https://www.leadtools.com//downloads.

The OCR Advantage Runtime files are installed by default to [LEADTOOLS_INSTALLATION_FOLDER]\\Bin\Common\OcrAdvantageRuntime.

The default folder is: C:\LEADTOOLS 19\Bin\Common\OcrAdvantageRuntime

Language Files

All the following items are optional. However, at least one must be deployed and must reside in the OCR Advantage Engine Runtime Directory.

File Name Description
Advantage.en.bin English language file
Advantage.en.bin2 English language file helper
Advantage.es.bin Spanish language file
Advantage.fr.bin French language file
Advantage.de.bin German language file
Advantage.it.bin Italian language file
Advantage.af.bin Afrikaans language file
Advantage.az.bin Azerbaijani language file
Advantage.be.bin Belarusian language file
Advantage.bg.bin Bulgarian language file
Advantage.ca.bin Catalan language file
Advantage.cs.bin Czech language file
Advantage.da.bin Danish language file
Advantage.el.bin Greek language file
Advantage.et.bin Estonian language file
Advantage.eu.bin Basque language file
Advantage.fi.bin Finnish language file
Advantage.gl.bin Galician language file
Advantage.hr.bin Croatian language file
Advantage.hu.bin Hungarian language file
Advantage.id.bin Indonesian language file
Advantage.is.bin Icelandic language file
Advantage.lt.bin Lithuanian language file
Advantage.lv.bin Latvian language file
Advantage.mk.bin Macedonian language file
Advantage.ms.bin Malay language file
Advantage.mt.bin Maltese language file
Advantage.nl.bin Dutch language file
Advantage.no.bin Norwegian language file
Advantage.pl.bin Polish language file
Advantage.pt.bin Portuguese language file
Advantage.ro.bin Romanian language file
Advantage.ru.bin Russian language file
Advantage.sk.bin Slovak language file
Advantage.sl.bin Slovenian language file
Advantage.sq.bin Albanian language file
Advantage.sr.bin Serbian language file
Advantage.sv.bin Swedish language file
Advantage.sw.bin Swahili language file
Advantage.te.bin Telugu language file
Advantage.th.bin Thai language file
Advantage.tr.bin Turkish language file
Advantage.uk.bin Ukrainian language file
Advantage.vi.bin Vietnamese language file
Advantage.ja.bin Japanese language file
Advantage.ja.bin2 Japanese language file helper
Advantage.ko.bin Korean language file
Advantage.zh-Hans.bin Chinese (Simplified) language file
Advantage.zh-Hant.bin Chinese (Traditional) language file
Advantage.Micr.bin OCR Advantage MICR fill method support.

Dictionary Files

All the following items are optional and must reside in the OCR Advantage Engine Runtime Directory.

File Name Description
Advantage.en.dic English dictionary file
Advantage.es.dic Spanish dictionary file
Advantage.fr.dic French dictionary file
Advantage.de.dic German dictionary file
Advantage.it.dic Italian dictionary file
Advantage.bg.dic Bulgarian dictionary file
Advantage.ca.dic Catalan dictionary file
Advantage.cs.dic Czech dictionary file
Advantage.da.dic Danish dictionary file
Advantage.el.dic Greek dictionary file
Advantage.hu.dic Hungarian dictionary file
Advantage.id.dic Indonesian dictionary file
Advantage.lt.dic Lithuanian dictionary file
Advantage.lv.dic Latvian dictionary file
Advantage.nl.dic Dutch dictionary file
Advantage.no.dic Norwegian dictionary file
Advantage.pl.dic Polish dictionary file
Advantage.pt.dic Portuguese dictionary file
Advantage.ro.dic Romanian dictionary file
Advantage.ru.dic Russian dictionary file
Advantage.sk.dic Slovak dictionary file
Advantage.sl.dic Slovenian dictionary file
Advantage.sr.dic Serbian dictionary file
Advantage.sv.dic Swedish dictionary file
Advantage.th.dic Thai dictionary file
Advantage.uk.dic Ukrainian dictionary file
Advantage.vi.dic Vietnamese dictionary file

Spell Check Engines (For .NET only)

All the following items are optional and must in the same folder as Leadtools.Forms.Ocr.Advantage.dll assembly.

File Name Description
Leadtools.Forms.SpellCheckers.OS.dll OCR Advantage OS spell check engine support assembly (OcrSpellCheckEngine.OS).
Leadtools.Forms.SpellCheckers.Hunspell.dll OCR Advantage Hunspell spell check engine support assembly (OcrSpellCheckEngine.Hunspell).


OCR Files To Be Included With Your Application

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