CCOW Custom Subjects

Custom Subjects

Custom subjects should follow the subject labels and item naming conventions as described in Subject and Item Data Format and Custom Subject and Item Naming Conventions. Custom subject specifications can also indicate whether a subject is secure. Custom subjects can have dependencies on standard subjects or other custom subjects. Site-specific unique coupon values in the range -10,000 to -20,000 should be used for a custom subject's context agent (e.g. mapping agent, annotation agent, action agent). A site-defined suffix can be used as an identifier to differentiate the names of the identifier items of a custom subject. The specific suffix (or suffixes) used by an application for getting or setting context data should be able to be configured for the custom subjects.

Below are examples of custom identity subjects:

Example Item name HL7 Meaning Data Type Semantic Constraints on Values Case Sensitivity Example Item Values
[<em></em>]Payer.Id Payer identifier ST Must be a valid payer id No 274-32-4962
[<em></em>]Payer.Co.Name Payer's name ST None No BCBSNC Blue
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