Using Pictures in WPF Annotation Objects

The IAnnPicture interface provides a picture property that is common to any class of annotation object that utilizes pictures. This interface is implemented by several of the Annotation Object classes provided by LEADTOOLS. These include:







Each of these classes implement the IAnnPicture interface and accesses the Picture property that handles the picture associated with the WPF annotation object.


A freehand hotspot annotation object may have an image associated with it. If so, this image is specified in the Picture property.


An image annotation object is a raster image within a bounding rectangle. The image associated with the WPF annotation object is specified in the Picture property. The AnnAudioObject class and the AnnHotspotObject class both inherit the Picture property by inheriting the AnnImageObject class.


When a new AnnPointObject object is created, a default picture is set in the Picture property. This picture may be changed by the user. If the Picture property has a valid image and the value of the ShowPicture property is true, this image will be drawn as the point when the point annotation object is drawn.


The stamp annotation object can be a picture or a text string in a rectangular frame. If the stamp annotation object has a picture, that picture is specified in the Picture property and will be scaled to fit the bounding rectangle. Like the AnnFreehandHotspotObject, AnnImageObject, AnnPointObject and AnnStampObject classes, the AnnGroupObject class implements the IAnnPicture interface. The AnnAudioObject and AnnHotspotObject classes inherit the AnnImageObject class and access the common picture property mentioned above through this inheritance.

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