Localization of LEADTOOLS for .NET WPF Annotations Automation

LEADTOOLS for .NET Annotations Automation uses standard .NET localization in order to allow you to change the text strings used throughout the user interface in the automated mode.

For more information about .NET localization refer to the Microsoft MSDN topic Globalization and Localization Namespaces in Visual Studio.

Follow the steps outlined in this topic to override the default text strings used in the user interface or completely translate the user interface to a new language or culture.

  1. Locate the file Strings.resx in your LEADTOOLS for .NET folder (Usually at <LEADTOOLS_INSTALLDIR>\Redist\DotNet\Win32\Localization\Annotations\Annotations). This file is a standard .NET resx (XML-based resource format) that is used to generate common language runtime binary .resources files that can be embedded in a runtime binary.

  2. This file contains all the text strings used throughout the automated annotation user interface menus and dialog boxes. Each item has a data entry in the XML file that consists of name and value attributes. The following table lists all the entries and their meanings: Exceptions

    Data Name Default Value Description
    InvalidFormatException Invalid Annotation Format AnnCodecsInvalidFormatException message


    Data Name Default Value Description
    Error Error Used as the caption of message boxes when an error occur
    OK OK OK Button text
    Cancel Cancel Cancel button text
    Apply Apply Apply button text (Object Properties Dialog)
    BrowseButton _... Browse button text (Object Properties Dialog)

    Fill Rule (Object Properties Dialog Polygon Tab)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    EvenOddFillRule EvenOdd EvenOdd fill rule
    NonzeroFillRule Nonzero Nonzero fill rule

    Text Alignment (Object Properties Dialog Text Tab)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    NearTextAlignment Near Near text alignment
    CenterTextAlignment Center Center text alignment
    FarTextAlignment Far Far text alignment

    AnnTextRotate (Object Properties Dialog Text Tab)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    TextRotate0 None None text rotate
    TextRotate90 90 (Counter clockwise) 90 degrees counter clockwise text rotate
    TextRotate180 180 180 degrees text rotate
    TextRotate270 270 (Counter clockwise) 270 degrees counter clockwise text rotate

    Unit (Object Properties Dialog Ruler Tab)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    DisplayUnit Display Display unit
    DocumentUnit Document Document unit
    SmartEnglishUnit Smart English Smart English unit
    SmartMetricUnit Smart Metric Smart Metric unit
    InchUnit Inch Inch unit
    MillimeterUnit Millimeter Millimeter unit
    PixelUnit Pixel Pixel unit
    PointUnit Point Point unit
    FeetUnit Feet Feet unit
    YardUnit Yard Yard unit
    MicrometerUnit Micrometer Micrometer unit
    CentimeterUnit Centimeter Centimeter unit
    MeterUnit Meter Meter unit
    TwipUnit Twip Twip unit

    UnitAbbreviation (Object Properties Dialog Ruler Tab)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    DisplayUnitAbbreviation display Display abbreviation
    DocumentUnitAbbreviation document Document abbreviation
    SmartEnglishUnitAbbreviation in Smart English abbreviation
    SmartMetricUnitAbbreviation mm Smart Metric abbreviation
    InchUnitAbbreviation in Inch abbreviation
    MillimeterUnitAbbreviation mm Millimeter abbreviation
    PixelUnitAbbreviation pixels Pixel abbreviation
    PointUnitAbbreviation pt Point abbreviation
    FeetUnitAbbreviation ft Feet abbreviation
    YardUnitAbbreviation yd Yard abbreviation
    MicrometerUnitAbbreviation m Micrometer abbreviation
    CentimeterUnitAbbreviation cm Centimeter abbreviation
    MeterUnitAbbreviation m Meter abbreviation
    TwipUnitAbbreviation twips Twip abbreviation

    AngularUnit (Object Properties Dialog Protractor Tab)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    RadianAngularUnit Radian Radian angular unit
    DegreeAngularUnit Degree Degree angular unit

    AngularUnitAbbreviation (Object Properties Dialog Protractor Tab)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    RadianAngularUnitAbbreviation Rad Radian abbreviation
    DegreeAngularUnitAbbreviation ° Degrees abbreviation


    Data Name Default Value Description
    TextPointerDrawDesignerDefaultText AaBbYyZz String used for default text in the AnnTextPointerDrawDesigner
    TextDrawDesignerDefaultText AaBbYyZz String used for default text in the AnnTextDrawDesigner

    Object Names

    Data Name Default Value Description
    DefaultObjectName Default Default (All) object name
    GroupObjectName Group AnnGroupObject name
    SelectObjectName Select Select object name
    LineObjectName Line AnnLineObject name
    RectangleObjectName Rectangle AnnRectangleObject name
    EllipseObjectName Ellipse AnnEllipseObject name
    PolylineObjectName Polyline AnnPolylineObject name
    PolygonObjectName Polygon AnnPolygonObject name
    CurveObjectName Curve AnnCurveObject name
    ClosedCurveObjectName Closed-Curve AnnClosedCurveObject name
    PointerObjectName Pointer AnnPointerObject name
    FreehandObjectName Freehand AnnFreehandObject name
    HiliteObjectName Hilite AnnHiliteObject name
    TextObjectName Text AnnTextObject name
    TextRollupObjectName Text Rollup AnnTextRollupObject name
    TextPointerObjectName Text Pointer AnnTextPointerObject name
    NoteObjectName Note AnnNoteObject name
    StampObjectName Stamp AnnStampObject name
    RubberStampObjectName Rubber Stamp AnnRubberStampObject name
    HotspotObjectName Hotspot AnnHotspotObject name
    FreehandHotspotObjectName Freehand Hotspot AnnFreehandHotspotObject name
    ButtonObjectName Button AnnButtonObject name
    PointObjectName Point AnnPointObject name
    RulerObjectName Ruler AnnRulerObject name
    PolyRulerObjectName Poly Ruler AnnPolyRulerObject name
    ProtractorObjectName Protractor AnnProtractorObject name
    CrossProductObjectName Cross Product AnnCrossProductObject name
    RedactionObjectName Redaction AnnRedactionObject name
    EncryptObjectName Encrypt AnnEncryptObject name
    AudioObjectName Audio AnnAudioObject name

    Context Menus

    Data Name Default Value Description
    CutContextMenu Cu_t Cut context menu
    CopyContextMenu _Copy Copy context menu
    DeleteContextMenu _Delete Delete context menu
    BringToFrontContextMenu _Bring To Front BringToFront context menu
    SendToBackContextMenu _Send To Back SendToBack context menu
    BringToFirstContextMenu Bring To _First BringToFirst context menu
    SendToLastContextMenu Send To _Last SendToLast context menu
    FlipContextMenu Fli_p Flip context menu
    ReverseContextMenu _Reverse Reverse context menu
    LockContextMenu Loc_k... Lock context menu
    UnlockContextMenu _Unlock... Unlock context menu
    PropertiesContextMenu _Properties... Properties context menu
    GroupContextMenu _Group Group context menu (For group objects)
    UngroupContextMenu _Ungroup Ungroup context menu (For group objects)
    PlayContextMenu P_lay Play context menu (For audio objects)
    UndoContextMenu _Undo Undo context menu
    RedoContextMenu _Redo Redo context menu
    PasteContextMenu _Paste Paste context menu
    SelectAllContextMenu Select _All SelectAll context menu
    DefaultPropertiesContextMenu Default P_roperties... DefaultProperties context menu
    ApplyEncryptorContextMenu Apply _Encryptor ApplyEncryptor context menu (For encrypt objects)
    ApplyDecryptorContextMenu Apply _Decryptor ApplyDecryptor context menu (For encrypt objects)
    FixedPointerContextMenu _Fixed Pointer FixedPointer context menu (For text pointer objects)
    RealizeContextMenu _Realize Realize context menu (For redaction objects)
    RestoreContextMenu Rest_ore Restore context menu (For redaction objects)
    ExpandedContextMenu _Expanded Expanded context menu (For text rollup objects)
    DeleteControlPointContextMenu D_elete Control Point DeleteControlPoint context menu (For polyline, polygon, curve, closed curve and polyruler objects)
    AddControlPointContextMenu _Add Control Point AddControlPoint context menu (For polyline, polygon, curve, closed curve and polyruler objects)
    ResetRotatePointsContextMenu R_eset Rotate Control Points ResetRotatePoints context menu
    UseRotateControlPointsContextMenu Use Rotate _Control Points UseRotateControlPoints context menu

    Rubber Stamp Context Menus

    Data Name Default Value Description
    ApprovedRubberStamp Approved Approved rubber stamp
    AssignedRubberStamp Assigned Assigned rubber stamp
    CheckedRubberStamp Checked Checked rubber stamp
    ClientRubberStamp Client Attorney Privil Client rubber stamp
    CopyRubberStamp Copy Copy rubber stamp
    DraftRubberStamp Draft Draft rubber stamp
    ExtendedRubberStamp Extended Extended rubber stamp
    FaxRubberStamp Fax Fax rubber stamp
    FaxedRubberStamp Faxed Faxed rubber stamp
    ImportantRubberStamp Important Important rubber stamp
    InvoiceRubberStamp Invoice Invoice rubber stamp
    NoticeRubberStamp Notice Notice rubber stamp
    OfficialRubberStamp Official Official rubber stamp
    OnFileRubberStamp On-File OnFile rubber stamp
    PaidRubberStamp Paid Paid rubber stamp
    PassedRubberStamp Passed Passed rubber stamp
    PendingRubberStamp Pending Pending rubber stamp
    ProcessedRubberStamp Processed Processed rubber stamp
    ReceivedRubberStamp Received Received rubber stamp
    RejectedRubberStamp Rejected Rejected rubber stamp
    ReleaseRubberStamp Release Release rubber stamp
    SentRubberStamp Sent Sent rubber stamp
    ShippedRubberStamp Shipped Shipped rubber stamp
    TopSecretRubberStamp Top Secret TopSecret rubber stamp
    UrgentRubberStamp Urgent Urgent rubber stamp
    VoidRubberStamp Void Void rubber stamp

    Password Dialog

    Data Name Default Value Description
    PasswordDialogLockCaption Lock Caption text when locking
    PasswordDialogUnlockCaption Unlock Caption text when unlocking
    PasswordDialogPasswordLabel _Password: Password label

    Picture box (Object Properties Dialog Picture and Pictures Tabs)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    PictureBoxTransparentLabel _Transparent PictureBox Transparent label
    PictureBoxColorLabel _Color PictureBox Color label
    PictureBoxTransparentModeNone None None transparent mode
    PictureBoxTransparentModeUseColor Use Color Use color transparent mode
    PictureBoxTransparentModeTopLeftPixel Top Left Pixel Top left pixel transparent mode
    PictureBoxNoImage No Image No Image text
    PictureBoxOpenFileDialogFilter All Files|*.* Open file dialog filter
    PictureBoxOpenFileDialogErrorMessage Failed to open image file Error message
    PictureBoxBrowseButtonToolTip Browse for an image Browse button tooltip
    PictureBoxNoImageButtonToolTip No image No Image button tooltip
    PictureBoxDefaultButtonToolTip Default image Default button tooltip

    Brush Dialog (Object Properties Dialog Stroke and Fill Tabs)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    BrushDialogCaption Brush Caption text
    BrushDialogAlphaLabel Alpha Alpha label
    BrushDialogRedLabel Red Red label
    BrushDialogGreenLabel Green Green label
    BrushDialogBlueLabel Blue Blue label
    BrushDialogHexadecimalNotationLabel Hexadecimal Notation Hexadecimal notation label
    BrushDialogOpacityLabel Opacity Opacity label
    BrushDialogSelectedBrushLabel Selected Brush: Selected brush label
    BrushDialogSolidBrushTabCaption Solid Brush: Solid brush tab caption
    BrushDialogSystemBrushTabCaption System Brush System brush tab caption

    Font Dialog(Object Properties Dialog Header and Font Tabs)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    FontDialogCaption Font Caption text
    FontDialogFontLabel Font Font label
    FontDialogDecorationsLabel Decorations Decorations label
    FontDialogSampleLabel Sample Sample label
    FontDialogSampleText1 Sample text... Sample1 text
    FontDialogSampleText2 Sample text... Sample2 text
    FontDialogSampleText3 Sample text... Sample3 text
    FontDialogSizeLabel Size Size label
    FontDialogStretchLabel Stretch Stretch label
    FontDialogStrikeCheckBox _Strike Strike check box
    FontDialogBaseLineCheckBox _BaseLine Baseline check box
    FontDialogOverLineCheckBox _OverLine OverLine check box
    FontDialogUnderLineCheckBox _UnerLine UnerLine check box
    FontDialogStyleLabel Style Style label
    FontDialogWeightLabel Weight Weight label

    Object Properties Dialog (General)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    PropertiesDialogCaption Properties Caption text

    Hyperlink Tab (Object Properties Dialog)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    HyperlinkTabCaption Hyperlink Caption text
    HyperlinkTabHyperlinkLabel _Hyperlink: Hyperlink label

    Polygon Tab (Object Properties Dialog)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    PolygonTabCaption Polygon Caption text
    PolygonTabClosedCheckBox _Closed Closed check box
    PolygonTabFillRuleLabel _Fill Rule: Fill rule label

    Fill Tab (Object Properties Dialog)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    FillTabCaption Fill Caption text
    FillTabUseFillCheckBox _Use Fill Use fill check box
    FillTabFillLabel _Fill Brush: Fill brush label

    Font Tab (Object Properties Dialog)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    FontTabCaption Font Caption text
    FontTabFontLabel _Font: Font label
    FontTabChangeButton _Change... Change button
    FontTabSampleGroupBox Sample Sample group box
    FontTabSampleText AaBbZz Sample text

    Header Tab (Object Properties Dialog)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    HeaderTabCaption Header Caption text
    HeaderTabShowHeaderCheckBox _Show Header Show header check box
    HeaderTabHeaderLabel _Header: Header label
    HeaderTabXOffsetLabel _XOffset: XOffset label
    HeaderTabYOffsetLabel _YOffset: YOffset label
    HeaderTabHeaderRestrictCheckBox Header _Restrict Restrict check box
    HeaderTabFontLabel _Font: Font label
    HeaderTabChangeButton Chan_ge... Change button
    HeaderTabSampleGroupBox Sample Sample group box
    HeaderTabSampleText AaBbZz Sample text
    HeaderTabForeBrushLabel F_ore Brush: Fore brush label
    HeaderTabBackBrushLabel _Back Brush: Back brush label

    Audio Tab (Object Properties Dialog)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    AudioTabCaption Audio Caption text
    AudioTabFileNameLabel _FileName File name label
    AudioTabPlayButton _Play Play button
    AudioTabOpenFileDialogFilter Wave Files|*.wav|All Files|*.* Open file dialog filter

    Text Tab (Object Properties Dialog)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    TextTabCaption Text Caption text
    TextTabTextLabel _Text: Text label
    TextTabHorizontalAlignmentLabel _Horizontal Alignment: Horizontal alignment label
    TextTabVerticalAlignmentLabel _Vertical Alignment: Vertical alignment label
    TextTabBrushLabel _Brush: Brush label
    TextTabEdgeMarginLabel _Edge Margin: Edge margin label
    TextTabRotateLabel _Rotate (degrees): Rotate label
    TextTabFixedPointerCheckBox _Fixed Pointer Fixed pointer check box
    TextTabExpandedCheckBox E_xpanded Expanded check box

    Point Tab (Object Properties Dialog)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    StrokeTabCaption Stroke Caption text
    StrokeTabUseStrokeCheckBox _Use Stroke Use stroke check box
    StrokeTabThicknessLabel _Width: Thickness label
    StrokeTabBrushLabel _Brush: Color label

    Rubber Stamp Tab (Object Properties Dialog)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    RubberStampTabCaption Rubber Stamp Caption text
    RubberStampTabTypeLabel _Type: Type label

    Pictures Tab (Object Properties Dialog)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    PicturesTabCaption Pictures Caption text
    PicturesTabPrimaryLabel _Primary: Primary label
    PicturesTabSecondaryLabel _Secondary Secondary label

    Encrypt Tab (Object Properties Dialog)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    EncryptTabCaption Encrypt Caption text
    EncryptTabKeyGroupBox Key: Key group box
    EncryptTabTypeGroupBox Type: Type group box
    EncryptTabLocationGroupBox Location Location group box
    EncryptTabLeftLabel _Left: Left label
    EncryptTabTopLabel _Top: Top label
    EncryptTabWidthLabel _Width: Width label
    EncryptTabHeightLabel _Height: Height label
    EncryptTabEncryptor Encryptor Encryptor type
    EncryptTabDecryptor Decryptor Decryptor type

    Picture Tab (Object Properties Dialog)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    PictureTabCaption Picture Caption text

    Protractor Tab (Object Properties Dialog)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    ProtractorTabCaption Protractor Caption text
    ProtractorTabAcuteCheckBox _Acute Acute check box
    ProtractorTabAngularUnitLabel Angular _Unit: Angular unit label
    ProtractorTabAbbreviationLabel A_bbreviation: Abbreviation label
    ProtractorTabPrecisionLabel _Precision: Precision label
    ProtractorTabArcRadiusLabel Arc _Radius: Arc radius label

    Ruler Tab (Object Properties Dialog)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    RulerTabCaption Ruler Caption text
    RulerTabShowLengthCheckBox Show _Length Show length check box
    RulerTabUnitLabel _Unit: Unit label
    RulerTabAbbreviationLabel _Abbreviation: Abbreviation label
    RulerTabPrecisionLabel _Precision: Precision label
    RulerTabShowGaugeCheckBox Show _Gauge Show gauge check box
    RulerTabGaugeLengthLabel L_ength: Gauge length label
    RulerTabShowTickMarksCheckBox Show _Tick Marks Show tick marks check box
    RulerTabTickMarksLengthLabel Lengt_h: Tick marks length label

    Point Tab (Object Properties Dialog)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    PointTabCaption Point Caption text
    PointTabShowPictureCheckBox _Show Picture Show picture check box
    PointTabRadiusLabel _Radius: Radius label

    Hilite Tab (Object Properties Dialog)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    HiliteTabCaption Hilite Caption text
    HiliteTabColorLabel _Color: Color label

    ControlPoints Tab (Object Properties Dialog)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    ControlPointsTabCaption Control Points Caption text
    ControlPointsTabShowCheckBox _Show Control Points Show check box
    ControlPointsTabGapLabel _Gap between control points: Gap label

    Curve Tab (Object Properties Dialog)

    Data Name Default Value Description
    CurveTabCaption Curve Caption text
    CurveTabTensionLabel _Tension: Tension label
  3. Make a copy Strings.resx and save it to any folder. Open this new Strings.resx in any text or XML editor and change the string values as necessary for your application.

  4. Leadtools.Windows.Annotations.Dll is signed with a strong name. Therefore, you need to send the Strings.resx file that you created in step (3) to LEAD Technologies in order for it to be converted to a resource DLL and be signed with our private key. Contact our technical support for more information on how to complete this process.

  5. Once you have obtained a signed version of your new resource dll, refer to the Microsoft MSDN topic Globalization and Localization Namespaces in Visual Studio for information on how to apply this in your application.

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