File Formats: Canon RAW Format (CRW)

Not supported for x64

The Canon Raw file format is a raster file format created by Canon digital cameras. It is a raw dump of CCD pixels with no compression. This format is supported by POLYVIEW.

LEADTOOLS can read and view, using the Canon Digital Camera SDK (CD-SDK), CRW files generated by the following digital cameras:

Power Shot A10 Power Shot A20 Power Shot A30 Power Shot A40 Power Shot A100 Power Shot S10 Power Shot S20 Power Shot S30 Power Shot S40 Power Shot S100 Power Shot S110 Power Shot S200 Power Shot S300 Power Shot S330 Power Shot G1 Power Shot G2 Power Shot Pro90 IS IXY DIGITAL IXY DIGITAL 200 IXY DIGITAL 200a IXY DIGITAL 300 IXY DIGITAL 300a DIGITAL IXUS DIGITAL IXUS v DIGITAL IXUS v2 DIGITAL IXUS 300 DIGITAL IXUS 300 EOS D30 EOS D60 EOS-1D

The default extension used by this format is: CRW.

File constants associated with this file format are:

Constant Read Support Write Support Description
Crw 24 BPP None Cannon raw format.

Required DLL: Leadtools.Codecs.Crw.Dll. For a listing of the exact DLLs needed, based on the toolkit version, refer to Files To Be Included With Your Application .

Related Formats:DCR - Kodak Professional Digital Camera Format, DCS - Kodak Professional Digital Camera System Format, EXIF - Exif Formats, KDC - Kodak Digital Camera Format, PCD - Kodak Format.

Canon Runtime files required for CRW support

CDSDK.reg, CDSDK.dll, CDRAPCLS.dll, czs_ui.dll, deimg.dll, deImg010.dll, deImg110.dll, deImg153.dll, deimg301.dll, deimg401.dll, deImg404.dll, deimg602.dll, Deimg603.dll, DeImgd60.dll, pscAdimg.dll, pscCllct.dll, pscCStUI.dll, pscDcd.dll, pscDevUI.dll, pscDvlp.dll, Pscl2STI.dll, pscll.dll, pscParse.dll, pscSetup.dll, psdkdll.dll, psdkReg.dll, psParse.dll.

Canon, Inc. publishes these DLLs. If you wish to obtain a license to distribute these files, contact Canon and license the free Canon Digital Camera Software Developer Kit.

These files are included for demonstration and testing purposes. You must obtain a license from Canon prior to distributing these files.

Canon, Inc. suggests that the user of their CRW SDK MUST place the required DLLs/Libraries in the working folder of the EXE application that is using it, and not in the SYSTEM folder. LEADTOOLS tested this in the system folder and it worked fine. But to follow Canon's instructions, we recommend the users of CANON DLLs/Libraries to place them in the working folder of his/her application to avoid any problems/conflicts, which may result from ignoring this recommendation.

Platforms: .NET 2/3, .NET 4

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