Working with OCR Languages

The language environment defines the character set(s) recognized by the OCR engine. For example, if you enable the English and German languages, the German characters (ä, Ä, é, ö, Ö, ü, Ü, ß) will be combined with the English characters to define the set recognized by the engine. The language environment does not perform spell checking however, for that, refer to IOcrSpellCheckManager.

The OCR engine supports many different languages for recognizing text. For a language to be used in the recognition process it must be set as active. To activate the languages(s) that will be used in the next recognition process, call the IOcrLanguageManager.EnableLanguages method. To determine what languages have been activated for the OCR engine, call the IOcrLanguageManager.GetEnabledLanguages method.

Each OCR engine supports different languages, to get a list of all the languages supported by a specific OCR engine, use the IOcrLanguageManager.GetSupportedLanguages method.

For more information about OCR languages and dictionaries, see OCR Languages and Spell Checking.

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