PACS Framework Router Server (Deprecated)

Note: Deprecated. Use the LEADTOOLS Rules Add-in, which offers a more powerful and flexible alternative, instead.

The PACS Framework Router Server implements automating image forwarding (i.e. storage proxy) and rule based image routing to remote entities. It is capable of communicating with remote server using DICOM TLS transport layer security and includes a rule script editor for defining the router rules. This server includes following Addins:

Leadtools.AddIn.StoreProxy.dll - (Deprecated) used for secure/unsecure auto-image-forwarding to remote servers.

Leadtools.AddIn.Router.dll (deprecated) - used for rule-based image routing to remote entities (i.e. image processing station or viewing station, etc.).

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PACS Framework Router Server Demo Store Proxy AddIn
PACS Framework Router Server Demo Router AddIn
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