Walkthrough 2 Creating an Anonymize Script

Perform the following steps in order to create a sample anonymize script that anonymizes the following tags:

  1. Click the Insert Tag button, enter Patient in the Search box, and click the Search button.

  2. Select the checkboxes for the following tags, and then click OK.

    1. Patient's Birth Date

    2. Patient ID

    3. Patient's Name

  1. Click the Value drop-down list for the Patient's Name, and choose the ${name_male} macro. See Anonymize Script Macros for a list of available Anonymize Script macros.

  2. Click the Activate button to make MyNewScript the active script.

  3. Click OK to close the dialog.

Next, (in Walkthrough 3) you will anonymize the data.


Configuring the LEADTOOLS Storage Server Application using the Control Panel:Administration 

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Walkthrough 3 - Using the Anonymize Script

Anonymize Script Macros

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